Are you still searching for a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer? Finding a fun, inexpensive gift that’s still useful can be a difficult task, especially when shopping for a rider. Clothes and tack are hard if you don’t know the right size to buy, and who doesn’t already have more brushes than they need?

Luckily, we’ve found a great small gift to make your favorite rider’s day a little brighter. You may have seen them on your friend’s show backpack, and now you can get them at FarmVet! Fluff Monkeys are adorable multi-purpose show accessories and we are excited to have them available on our web store and trailers!

Fluff Monkey Boot Leather Cleaner

Why we love it…

Each Fluff Monkey is carefully handmade with strands of soft yet durable colorful fabric with a harder concentrated fabric center. Fluff Monkeys can last for years, so when it starts to get dirty, just throw it in the washing machine (cold water) and start again.

With a FarmVet tag and convenient carabiner clip, these little pompoms hang from your backpack so you always have them whenever you need them! Although they were originally designed to be used for buffing riding boots, Fluff Monkeys have endless uses at home or at a show. With so many uses bundled into one little ball, the Fluff Monkey is the perfect accessory for the busy rider in your life!

You can use Fluff Monkeys:

To clean leather… Apply product to the Fluff Monkey before wiping down your tack

To dust hard-to-reach spots… Remove dust from your dashboard, glasses, electronic screens, or hard to reach crevices in your computer

To wipe down your horse (and yourself) before going in the ring… Wipe away slobber from your horse’s mouth or dirt from your boots while waiting ringside for your turn

To apply sprayable grooming products… Applying coat conditioners, fly sprays, or other grooming products to your horse’s face just got a lot easier

To bathe your horse… The soft fabric strands and harder center will lift dirt and give your horse a little massage while you work

To wash your car or bike… Don’t have a horse? Apply sudsy soap without scratching or damaging paint

To accessorize and identify your stuff… Clip them on your backpack, luggage, or purse to show your style

Tell us what you think!

How do you use your Fluff Monkey? We want to see! Tag us on Instagram @farmvet or let us know in the comments!


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