For horses that need joint support during steady work, competition, or even from age, Flex+Max by Absorbine offers a comforting supplement solution. Over time, your horse’s joints will experience wear and tear just like your own joints. Although regular exercise can prevent extreme joint discomfort, adding Flex+Max to your horse’s feed could mean a significant improvement for your horse’s overall mobility and longevity. Absorbine’s Flex+Max offers a pelleted feed-through formula to aid comprehensive joint health and movement.

Flex+Max Joint Supplement

Protecting Your Equine Athlete with Flex+Max

The Flex+Max formula is designed to benefit every aspect of your horse’s mobility. The ingredients glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, MSM, and chondroitin aid in joint lubrication for improved movement. In addition, the flaxseed oil, rice bran, and Boswellia contribute to the protection of joints for longevity. Together, this formula comprehensively works to sustain your horse’s overall joint function.

Feeding Flex+Max not only maintains your horse’s joints, tissue, and bones but also promotes their healthy growth! Veterinarians have even recommended Flex+Max for horses who suffer from ringbone, navicular, or osteoarthritis. This product is available in both a 30-day and 60-day supply and comes in a highly palatable, pelleted form. Simply add one scoop of pellets to your horse’s feed once a day, and wait for the impressive results!

Whether your horse competes regularly or has been retired to the pasture, we know his everyday comfort is your priority. Adding Flex+Max pellets to your horse’s feed could make a significant difference in their quality of life. Flex+Max, as well as a range of other Absorbine supplements and products, can be found at our online store. Visit their brand page on our website to see our full selection of Absorbine health care products.

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