Summer is around the corner and temperatures are on the rise! With higher external temperatures, this means higher internal temperatures for you and your horse’s bodies. While you can replenish your body with fluids like Gatorade, your horse typically only has access to water. Although water does help his body recover, he also needs electrolytes to regain the nutrients he lost through sweating.

Whether your horse sweats from stress on the trailer, after a heavy training session, or on a trail ride, his body is using up stored energy to keep cool. Adding electrolytes to his daily regimen is a simple way to keep him performing his best all summer long! Electrolytes come in many different forms, and FarmVet is sure to have an option even for your pickiest eater.

Electrolyte Paste

An Energy Boost – Cavalor

An Energy Boost Paste offers essential vitamins and electrolytes to give your horse an extra energy boost right before strenuous work. This formula contains nutrients to replenish mineral loss and help tissue repair BEFORE your horse gets tired. If you’re planning on competing or going on an extra-long ride, give your horse a little energy!

Administration: Give 1 full tube 30 minutes before or immediately after exercise.

Total Energy & Stamina – Ramard

Total Energy & Stamina paste helps decrease lactic acid buildup after your ride. This formula prevents muscle fatigue, cramping, and tying up. The formula in Total Energy & Stamina makes it easier for your horse to intake oxygen and increases their circulation throughout the body. This paste is great for racehorses or showhorses who might experience heart strain during quick, intense workouts.

Administration: Give 1 syringe per 1,000 lbs. of body weight 24 hours prior to the exercise, then 1 more syringe 4 hours prior.

Summer Games PLUS – Kentucky Performance Products

Summer Games PLUS works to replenish minerals and electrolytes in a low-sugar formula. This paste increases recovery time and protects your horse from dehydration. Your horse will be able to perform at his best without feeling exhausted afterward!

Administration: For hot temperatures, give 1 full syringe after a day of light work, 2 syringes after moderate work, and 3-4 syringes after heavy work.

Electrolyte Powder

Apple-A-Day – Finish Line

Apple-A-Day is an apple-flavored electrolyte powder that prevents dehydration and aids water consumption. The product Apple-A-Day contains no added sugars or dyes, and the natural apple flavor is sure to please a picky eater. Use Apple-A-Day to replace the valuable energy that is lost during activity!

Administration: Feed 1/2oz daily to horses in a hot environment or in light work at normal temperatures. Feed 1oz daily during moderate work, and 1 1/2oz for heavy work.

Lactalex – Perfect Products

Lactalex is the ultimate electrolyte to help with muscle recovery, tying up and back soreness. With Lactalex, your horse’s recovery time from performance is much quicker. The Lactalex powder comes in a pre-measured packet that is easy to pour over your horse’s feed or water. Lactalex is also available in a paste for picky eaters!

Administration: Feed one packet of the powder in the evening before performance and one packet the morning of performance. Administer additional packets to boost performance muscle recovery.

Perfect Balance Electrolite – Peak Performance

Perfect Balance Electrolite is a sugar-free supplement that replaces electrolytes lost during exercise. Because this formula doesn’t contain sugar and fillers, your horse can absorb the nutrients more quickly into his system. This formula is especially great for picky eaters. Available in an 8lb size and a 30lb size.

Administration: Feed one scoop 2x per day throughout warm weather and regular activity.

Weighing The Options

Every horse has different likes and dislikes, so be sure to give your horse the best electrolyte for his body! Whether you need a fast-acting paste or a long-term powder, FarmVet is sure to have you covered on all fronts. Shop all of our Electrolyte supplements here.

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