Sunburn season has arrived, so make sure you stay ahead of the heat! Like humans, horses can get painful sunburns and their coats can even become sun-bleached. It’s up to you to keep their skin and coat safe from sun damage! Whether you’re just starting to sweat in the East or have year-round sunshine out West, you and your horse need to stay protected during the warm weather. Check out the products we selected to keep both you and your horse shielded this summer!

For The Rider

Wearing a sunshirt when you ride is a great way to look polished and avoid sunburn! Our FarmVet Sunshirt has a collar to keep you looking professional whether you’re schooling or hacking. Made with long sleeves and a quarter-zip design, this shirt is ideal for keeping your arms and neck out of direct sunlight. The fabric is breathable, stretchy, and has a UPF 30 rating to protect your skin from UV rays. Lastly, this shirt is machine washable, so save your money at the dry cleaners and just buy yourself a second sunshirt!

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We always recommend wearing a helmet when you ride… but have you ever considered wearing a visor too? The EquiVisor Helmet Visor is the perfect tool to protect your skin on the areas your helmet can’t. The EquiVisor is made with lightweight cotton and has a velcro back that adjusts to the size of your helmet. This visor is completely machine washable and has a 4-inch brim to cover your face and ears from the sun. Simply velcro down the straps behind your helmet and ride on!

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For The Horse


Any horse is susceptible to getting sunburned, especially if they have pink skin! Thankfully, KineticVet created EquiShield SB to prevent sun damage and soothe already damaged skin. EquiShield SB (SunBlock) contains aloe vera and zinc oxide to block out UV rays and protect from sunburn. The aloe vera works as a topical antiseptic and cools irritated skin. In addition, EquiShield SB also contains citronella oil to repel insects and keep your horse’s skin from additional damage. This dynamic formula is a no-brainer to have on hand during hotter months, and is essential for horses who spend most of their day outside!

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If you’re looking for something a little more simple than a topical cream, check out Sunflower Sunscreen! Healthy Haircare Product’s Sunflower Sunscreen is a sprayable mane and coat conditioner that provides UV protection. Simply spray on the sunscreen all over the mane, tail, and coat to protect your horse burning and sun-bleaching. This formula smells great from the sunflower extract, detangles hair, and repairs bleached and burnt coats.

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If your horse spends extended amounts of time outdoors, it’s likely the sun is bleaching out his coat. While some horse owners don’t mind a little sun-bleaching, horses that show during the summer need to maintain a rich coat color for competition. Thanks to Cheval International, there’s a supplement that keeps your horse’s coat shiny and colored throughout the year! Available in Black-As-Knight, Red D-Vinity, and White-As-Snow, horses of all colors can maintain their color throughout the summer. These coat enhancers contain vitamins and minerals to keep your horse looking their best, and also supports hoof, joint, mane, and tail health!

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Masks & Sheets

Most horses wear fly masks during the summer, but have you heard about fly masks that protect from insects and the sun? The Crusader Fly Mask from Cashel uses nylon micro-mesh to block 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. This fly mask covers your horse’s ears and nose in order to keep the sun out of your horse’s most sensitive areas.

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If you have an extra sensitive horse, you should consider using a fly sheet too! Horseware Ireland’s Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet brings cutting edge insect-deterrent technology together with their super-light disc front closure to produce a comfortable and effective fly sheet that keeps your horse comfortable. Soft yet strong, Amigo Evolution Sheet protects your horse from UV light and absorbs excess moisture. The bright aqua and orange fall in a part of the color spectrum which most insects cannot perceive. This Fly Sheet includes a detachable neck cover for those extra-sensitive types of horses!

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Get Outside & Ride

Don’t let these warm temperatures deter you from riding your horse this summer! If you come prepared to protect yourself and your horse from sun damage, there’s no reason you can’t make the most of your riding time. Your horse will thank you, and so will your skin!

Want To Protect Your Pet Too?

If you’re a horse owner, it’s likely you’re a dog owner too! Check out our blog on keeping your canine safe outdoors this summer HERE.