Elemental Equine products are made from top-quality human-grade ingredients and thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe and extremely effective for your horses. The first product reviewed by DecidedlyEquestrian is the All Natural Glycerine Saddle Soap.

Before and After using Elemental Equine Glycerine Saddle Soap from FarmVet

Glycerin Saddle Soap

This glycerine-based saddle soap smells yummy, which if you have read any of my previous leather care reviews, is kinda a biggy for me. It can clean great and if it doesn’t have a good smell, I likely won’t buy it again. The blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils not only gives the soap a fresh scent but helps deter mold and mildew on your leather (which I have a terrible time with during the winter).


1.  Is it easy to use – absolutely yes! Rub a little on a damp sponge and get to wiping down your leather. It’s quite simple. The container is quite usable and I have no issues there.

2.  Does it smell good? Yes (see above!)

3.  Does it clean well and make my leather look great? Yes!

4.  Will it last a long time and provide a lot of value? Yup. After several uses, it looks like I haven’t used it at all by looking in the container.

5.  Does it dry the crap out of my hands and make me hate cleaning my leather?  Nope. My hands weren’t irritated at all after using this on multiple items.

Before and After using Elemental Equine Glycerine Saddle Soap from FarmVet

My favorite use for this cleaner is on my boots (a quick wipe down to get off all the dust is quick and easy) and on my strap goods like my halters and bridles to help prevent mildew growth and give a nice shine and supple feel to the leather.

I really like the All Natural Glycerine Saddle Soap from Elemental Equine, and will be happy to have it in my tack trunk. If you like solid, glycerine-based soaps, you’ll like this one too!

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