No matter what type of riding you do, your horse probably experiences everyday soreness and pain from the activity.  His joints and muscles will be affected by wear and tear over time and with consistent riding, the cartilage in your horse’s joints can begin to break down. This gradual deterioration inevitably leads to stiffness in your horse’s movements.  Many riders find that the best way to resolve these aches and pains is by feeding a pain and inflammation reliever – such as Perfect Products’ Perfequin.

Most competition horse owners turn to bute or other NSAIDS as a solution for pain and soreness. The truth is, for some horses bute isn’t a sustainable practice long term, and competition horses are limited by regulation for levels of NSAIDs.  If you’re looking for an all-natural, competition-safe, and lasting soreness and pain solution, Perfect Products’ Perfequin offers an effective alternative. 

What Is Perfequin?

Perfect Products Perfequin for pain relief available at FarmVet

Perfequin offers fast-acting, gastro-friendly, nutritional equine comfort and support. The supplement addresses both pain and inflammation and helps create effective comfort levels, allowing horses to perform to their full potential. Perfequin’s ethical, quick-acting comfort support formula contains only naturally occurring ingredients. There are no prohibited substances in the formula.

How Do I Feed Perfequin?

Because it is fed daily, Perfequin comes in a palatable daily powder for horses that need support over an extended period. Load for a minimum of 3 days with 1 scoop AM and 1 scoop PM (1 scoop = 15 grams). After the first three days, reduce to 1 scoop daily depending on their condition.

Perfequin can be stacked with vet prescribed NSAIDS as needed for additional pain relief.  It contains no ingredients prohibited by FEI or USEF so you can keep your horse comfortable before and during competitions without concern.

Sizes: 0.5lb, 2lb, and 4lb


The best part about working at a company full of avid equestrians is getting first-hand reviews about products! Here are two quotes from a FarmVet employee and a FarmVet customer about their experiences with Perfequin:

“I prefer using Perfequin because it does not affect the gastrointestinal tract in the same way as bute. Because Perfequin is so stomach-friendly, it can be used as a safe, long-term solution. I can always use it safely in conjunction with other medications and I never have to worry about using it at a show where some substances are banned!”
-FarmVet Rider, Judi

“I have used Perfequin over the years on a few horses with great results. We have found that it works well on our horses with arthritis or joint-related issues. It does its job well, without upsetting the stomach!”
FarmVet Customer, Stacey Weiss

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Still Have Questions?

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This blog was contributed by the team at Perfect Products in an effort to get the information out about the benefits of feeding Perfequin.