Feeding your dog treats is an exciting part of being a dog owner. You take the time to carefully select treats at the store and hope your pup will enjoy them! When choosing dog treats, owners often read ingredients, flavors, or have a specific idea of what type of treat they want to give. Knowing your dog will love a treat that has added health benefits isn’t always easy. That’s why Missing Link’s SmartMouth Dental Chews and line of Collagen Care Soft Chews make it simple to treat your dog while also showing them you care!

SmartMouth Dental Chews

Smartmouth Dental Chews from Missing Link make treating your pup simple with this healthy treat alternative! Created with textured grooves and ridges for your dog’s enjoyment, this treat contains omegas and glucosamine to benefit their skin, coat, joints, and mobility. As your dog enjoys their treat, Smartmouth Dental Chews fight plaque and tartar while freshening their breath.

From helping your dog’s skin, coat, joints, and dental health, giving these treats seems like the SMART way to your pet’s heart.

Feeding Instructions

If your dog is between 15 – 50 lbs, give 1 chew daily. If your dog is over 50 lbs, give 2 chews daily. Be sure to purchase the SmartMouth bag that fits your dog’s size! Available in extra small, small/medium, and large/xl sizes.

Collagen Care Soft Chews

Available in 3 different versions, Hips & Joints, Skin & Coat, and Calm & Focus, these soft chews use collagen to benefit your dog’s overall body health and joint comfort. By replenishing the collagen protein in their bodies, the building blocks of your dog’s coat, skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints can grow stronger.

Hips & Joints

The Collagen Care Hips & Joints Soft Chews from Missing Link are veterinarian-formulated chews that help promote anti-inflammatory comfort and support for your dog. Made in the USA with natural ingredients, Hips & Joints Soft Chews contain glucosamine and turmeric to target joint comfort. The additional collagen works to benefit your dog’s muscles and joints while helping their overall body health.

Skin & Coat

The Collagen Care Skin & Coat Soft Chews from Missing Link are veterinarian-formulated chews that help promote glossy coats and healthy skin for dogs. Made in the USA with natural ingredients, Skin & Coat Soft Chews contain coconut and fish oil to target hair growth. The additional omegas help maintain skin moisture levels and encourage a glossier coat.

Calm & Focus

The Collagen Care Calm & Focus Soft Chews from Missing Link feature veterinarian-formulated chews that help your pet stay calm and relaxed. Made in the USA with natural ingredients, Calm & Focus Soft Chews contain chamomile and hemp oil to promote calmness and comfort. Your dog will be able to cope with external stressors without experiencing drowsiness.

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