We all have a picky eater in our lives – whether it’s a dog, horse, or human, some of us just can’t get past certain flavors. While humans have a variety of options for getting their required nutrients, our four-legged friends are very limited in their choices. If there is one supplement your horse desperately needs for their health, what do you do when they refuse to eat it?

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Farrier’s Fix knows how detrimental it can be to your horse’s health when they won’t eat a necessary supplement, let alone their entire meal. That’s where Equine Flavor Fix comes into the equation!

Equine Flavor Fix

Equine Flavor Fix by Farrier’s Fix is a powdered formula designed to appeal to the pickiest eaters. Simply use Flavor Fix powder on top of your horse’s feed to cover any foul-tasting medicines or supplements. This peppermint and molasses-flavored formula hides the food pieces that are so deterring to your horse’s tastebuds. As a result, your horse won’t even notice he’s getting essential nutrients while enjoying his meal! In addition, Equine Flavor Fix is an all-natural feed supplement, so no need to worry about fake flavoring.

Key Ingredients:

  • Dried Molasses
  • Dried Peppermint Leaves
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Vitamin A & C
  • Riboflavin


It’s as simple as a spoonful of sugar makes the supplement go down! Just add one to two scoops of Flavor Fix to the feed mixture. One scoop is equivalent to one tablespoon, or consider adding two scoops if your horse is not easily fooled.

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Farrier’s Fix also makes a Hoof Oil! With spring right around the corner, check out Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil to be proactive about quarter cracks and thrush. Also, you can shop all of our products at FarmVet.com 24/7 or call one of our friendly Sales Associates at 1-888-837-3626. You can also email your order to info@farmvet.com.