Giving your horse a calming or anxiety-reducing paste has completely saturated the equestrian world. This paste method is simple: stack the product throughout the days prior to the show and come the day of competition, you’ll have a quiet horse! While this option works for some horses, it isn’t always effective for the horses that show year-round and have to consume calming product after product. For the equestrians who’ve been scouting out calming options for their horse beyond ingestion, there’s a new trend that’s been making its way up through the ranks of industry professionals lately.

Rileigh Tibott with Charley Pride
Rileigh Tibott & Charley Pride wearing the Liquid Titanium Mask

Mask On

If you’ve spotted any horses competing in what resembles a superhero mask, you may have raised an eyebrow. However, this mask is made of a fabric designed to improve blood flow and limit your horse’s stress! Meet Liquid Titanium from Fenwick Equestrian, the patent-pending technology that’s starting to pop up around the show circuit. The Liquid Titanium products use a fabric that “reduces stress and anxiety and can produce a calming effect.”

Keeping the high levels of anxiety that surround competition horses in mind, professional equestrians like Dani Waldman and Rileigh Tibbott have taken to using the Liquid Titanium Mask in their showjumping classes. Fenwick Equestrian doesn’t stop at just a mask, though. Read on to learn about other Liquid Titanium products, and shop them all here!

Liquid Titanium Mask

The Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Mask produces calming effects for horses in a natural way. This lightweight, breathable, therapeutic mask works by producing negative ions and Far Infrared Rays that penetrate the horse’s body and activate molecules and body cells that produce a varying degree of warmth. In addition, the stimulated blood flow creates a healing effect on the body. This mask is a great tool for racehorses and other competition horses that need to calm down and focus on the task at hand.  

Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Stable Sheet

The Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Stable Sheet is a wearable product that encourages natural calming through lightweight breathable smart fabric. This sheet promotes improved blood flow, reduces aches and pains in your horse’s joints and helps relieve muscle pain. The Liquid Titanium fabric increases blood circulation throughout the body to promote psychological and physical health. This sheet can help maintain the horse’s condition between acupuncture, chiropractic & massage treatments. 

Liquid Titanium Earplugs

The Liquid Titanium Earplugs feature a sponge foam made of the Liquid Titanium fabric to block sound while soothing anxieties. Through the production of negative ions, the Liquid Titanium fabric promotes blood circulation and diffuses anxieties. The creation of these earplugs came at the suggestion of equestrian Liza Boyd, who uses both the Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Mask and Ear Bonnet.

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