It’s no secret in the equestrian world that ALL horses are prone to injury. One day out in the field and the next thing you know, your horse is lame for months. No matter what level of care and attention you offer your horse, keeping them out of harm’s way is nearly impossible. Yet against all odds, horse owners take every opportunity to provide the best care for our beloved four-legged family members. Whether they feel sore during a lesson or need a month of stall rest, our priority is to keep our horses comfortable and happy.

From the casual trail companion to the FEI ring, Ramard’s products are designed with every type of horse in mind. Getting sore feet and feeling a little leg inflammation is just another factor of being a horse. No one knows this better than Ramard, which is why they procreated another tack trunk necessity to maintain our horse’s well-being: Relief Poultice.

Relief Poultice

Relief Poultice from Ramard is formulated with Calendula, Arnica, and MSM to prevent swelling in your horse’s legs and hooves. This clinical strength formula also includes Bentonite clay, a mineral-rich substance. If your horse experiences abscesses, bruising, swelling, or discomfort, Relief Poultice helps provide comfort while gently cooling. Even if your horse is sensitive, Relief Poultice remains effective without blistering the skin.

How To Use It:

Leg – Apply a thin layer of ReliefPoultice™ directly to the surface of the leg. Use with or without moist paper or plastic and polo wraps. We recommend Spitfire’s Poultice Paper. Then, simply brush off the poultice.

Hoof – Apply directly to hoof sole pushing into all of the crevasses around the frog. Use several times a week or after shoeing to increase moisture to ensure a soft, pliable, resilient sole, frog and hoof wall. For best results, to relieve discomfort, wrap hoof after application and allow to remain for 24 hours.

All-Around Safety

Ramard’s Relief Poultice is not only gentle on your horse, but also on you too. When applying this product, there is no need to wear gloves! Relief Poultice is completely safe for you to use in direct contact with your hands.

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