While we’re stuck at home grappling with the new everyday reality of COVID-19, our horses are adjusting to their new realities, too. With shows canceled and group lessons limited down to private lessons, both you and your horse may have difficulty seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, now is the ideal time to start cleaning so you can be organized and prepared for the season to come!

Brighten Up The Barn

Cleaning supplies are flying off the shelves right now, so grab yours while you can! While the barn might seem like a pit of despair for dirt and random bits of tack, give yourself the opportunity to tackle this beast with the right supplies.

Grab a muck bucket, a good broom, and some disinfectant. Instead of getting on your hands and knees, Cinderella-style, dip your Chemical-Treated Broom into the bucket filled with warm water and a little Rescue Disinfectant Concentrate. You can use the soap on the broom to scrub the floors and those little cracks that ALWAYS seem to have dirt in them!

Organize Your Trunk

We’re already in the cleaning mode with spring around the corner, so why not give your tack trunk a little attention while you’re stuck at home indefinitely? Start by taking everything out of your trunk! You’ll probably find there are a few things you can get rid of, or maybe even some products you’re running low on! From there, you can start to organize your things and take inventory.

The Equifit Hanging Boot Organizer is the perfect storage solution for all of your horse boots. Keep boots organized and prevent sets from being mixed up either while away at a show or at home. Mesh pockets allow airflow for the boots, allowing them to dry completely without developing a smell.

Freshen Up Your Tack

Tack cleaning is a necessary evil for equestrians, especially those that live in warmer climates. As the weather changes, your tack can get moist and grow mold if it isn’t in a climate-controlled tack room. Take some time to get your tack fresh again now that you’re off the road for a while!

  1. Cleaning your tack is pointless without the right tool. You’ll need a fresh Tack Sponge to get the job done right.
  2. Start with Belvoir Tack Cleaner Spray from Carr & Day & Martin to give your tack and leather goods a thorough cleaning without the scrubbing and scraping. The neutral pH of the spray prevents over-drying and its antibacterial properties help to reduce mold and mildew growth!
  3. Finally, grab the Effax Leather Combi for your final touch. The Leather Combi continues to clean deep into your tack while nourishing the leather. The leather absorbs the product completely, making it elastic and supple. Regular use of this product helps the leather become non-slip as well as tear-proof!

Stay Prepared

Horses are always prone to injury, and being off the road from horse showing does not change that fact. A good horse owner knows it is crucial to keep certain items on hand for when disaster inevitably strikes- whether in the stall or pasture.

Witch Hazel and Betadine Solution work wonders for cleaning wounds AND as all-around disinfectants. In our current situation, we can never have too many disinfectants on hand! Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and helps with itching, swelling, insect bites, and many more afflictions. Our Betadine 5% Solution is a topical antiseptic that disinfects wounds, lacerations, abrasions, and burns. This is a specially formulated iodine solution for disinfecting animal skin, premises, instruments. Both Witch Hazel and Betadine Solution are offered in gallon sizes to ensure you have the quantity you need to last the length of quarantine!

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