Daily Walk Schedules You Stick To!

Just like you need things to look forward to, your pup thrives on a schedule they can count on. Even though a small lap around the courtyard or romp through the woods doesn’t seem like a huge deal to you, it is a super exciting event for your dog. 

Being home all the time with your dog may make you feel like you’re doing all the bonding you need, but getting your heart rate up and breathing in some fresh air is good for both you and will be good for your relationship. 

Your walks can be short and to the point, we know you’re also working, but a daily schedule that you stick to will help you and your dog feel less stir-crazy. 

Products to help you accomplish your walk: 

Walsh Leather Leash

Cotton Dog Leash

A Grooming Good Time

Just like daily walks, grooming isn’t just a good bonding activity but it’s also good to keep down allergens. Even if your dog doesn’t love being groomed, they definitely know you’re doing it because you love them and they’ll feel better all over when they’re clean. 

I think we all know that washing your dog more than once a week is not only unrealistic, but it’s also been discouraged by veterinarians. Over-washing can cause dry skin and encourage hotspots and rashes, and so we recommend using Grooming Wipes to wipe off their paws, belly, and face between your daily walks.

The extra attention will help your dog feel special and taking the time out of your day to show your dog some love is good for your soul!

Products to keep your dog clean and smelling great:

EarthBath Grooming Wipes

EarthBath Deodorizing Spritz

Play Hide-N-Seek – The sniffer is key

If you haven’t played Hide-n-Seek with your dog then you should drop what you’re doing and start a game NOW! It’s a pretty simple concept but it’s a fun and silly way for you and your dog to play together. 

We think it works best when you use something with a stronger smell that you can rub on a few places before you pick the perfect hiding spot. Then just wait for your pup to find it. It tends to have a bigger effect if you cheer them on and act like you’re also looking. It may seem a little silly but you’ll be surprised how much fun you two will end up having.

Products that will excite your dog’s sniffer:

ROAM Ossies

Bambone Bone

Toys Time = Fun Time 

Now, this is the obvious one but sometimes we forget that those old worn-out toys aren’t nearly as exciting as a fresh new squeaker or a ball that has never been chased! Whether your dog loves to play fetch or just enjoys a good squeak it’s important to give your dog something new and exciting to do while we are all cooped up inside.

If you’re working from home, you might not want a super squeaky toy in the background of your Zoom meetings. So this can play into the walk schedule you’ve already put together. Nestle some toy time in between walks to keep your dog entertained longer and allow you to focus on work. 

Toys that are sure to excite your BFF:

Pocket Ball Launcher

Squeezz Bitz Bone

Now that you know how to have a little more fun with your dog, let’s turn your focus to their overall health and well-being. Read our blog on the entire Ramard Pet Line. These supplements are an excellent addition to a healthy diet and can make a serious difference in the way your dog feels.