Horse owners are no stranger to getting down and dirty at the barn in order to keep their horse looking its best. However, the current pandemic spreading across our country may cause equestrians to rethink their old ways. With mandatory shelter-in-place laws and social distancing guidelines in full force, the majority of us are willing to do whatever it takes to see our horse for a few short hours. Whether that trip requires pre-visit hand scrubbing or a post-visit sanitation shower, choosing between your health and quality time with your horse is a difficult decision.

When making that decision, we have to make our immune health as much a priority as our mental health. While visiting your horse works wonders for an equestrian’s sanity, you may be wary to compromise your health by exposing yourself to germs at the barn. While we tend to think of barns as the place where germs are always present, what if that weren’t the case? Rather than putting your own health on hold, you could visit your horse knowing there is an invisible barrier against germs throughout the barn!

ArmourGuard RTU

ArmourGuard RTU for bacteria disinfecting available at FarmVet

This invisible barrier actually does exist, and it’s called ArmourGuard RTU from Kinetic Vet. The product features a sprayable anti-microbial solution that is EPA-approved and safe for your animals. You can rest assured your dogs, cats, and horses will be completely protected by this non-toxic formula! ArmourGuard RTU prevents the activity of bacteria for up to 90 days. This product is ideal for veterinary clinics, barns, boarding situations, kennels, or other animal facilities.

WATCH: Bye Bye Bacteria

ArmourGuard RTU can be applied to surfaces or objects in so many ways. From spraying to dipping, watch this video to see how ArmourGuard RTU creates a barrier against dangerous microorganisms for your animals.

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