As soon as the winter season starts blending into spring, you and your horse will spend more time outdoors. With warmer temperatures come fresh grass, blooming flowers, and allergies. Horses are just as susceptible to allergy season as humans, and it’s even common for a horse to have a combination of different allergies. Horse allergies can present through coughing, hives, a runny nose, itchy or red eyes, and even labored breathing. Humans experience similar symptoms, so it’s easy to see how uncomfortable allergies are for your horse.

Go Big Or Go Indoors

Many individuals cannot even step foot outside without taking a menagerie of allergy medicines. And it’s BACK: It’s the dreaded Allergy Season and with it comes itchy eyes and frequent sneezing can prevent you from going about your regular day. The same is true for our horses, especially when we expect them to perform at their usual level. To keep your partner feeling their best, we’ve gathered allergy products from pastes to aerosols so you can find the best combination for your horse!

The Flexineb Equine Nebulizer

Flexineb Breathing Treatment helps horses through Allergy Season.

The Flexineb Equine Nebulizer, the Titan of respiratory relief, is designed to alleviate breathing problems in horses through the use of aerosolized medications and natural therapies. The flexible mask is lightweight, portable, and silent, making it perfect for use at home or on the road. While the mask may look intimidating, many of our customers and employees have seen great success with the nebulizer.

“Last summer my horse, Kestrel, was struggling with the adjustment to the seasons in Tennessee. My vet recommended allergy testing along with a treatment of steroids to help get her body back to normal. As it turns out, Kestrel is allergic to almost everything in this region! It wasn’t until we started using the Flexineb Nebulizer that I truly started to see a difference in her breathing. Now I use my Flexineb every time I exercise Kestrel, and I credit it with her continued health! I recommend the Flexineb for any horse that’s having difficulty with allergies!”

Liz Hart, FarmVet Accounting associate

Total Respiratory & Endurance Paste

Total Respiratory Paste helps horses through Allergy Season.

Total Respiratory & Endurance Paste from Ramard helps diminish your horse’s respiratory issues and combat irritants that cause problems, like stable cough, and allergies. The proprietary ingredient Clairisol helps by increasing oxygen intake and promoting the body’s ability to combat mucus buildup. This supplement is perfect for competition horses and racehorses that need increased oxygen in order to perform at their best. This product starts working in as little as 1 hour, and lasts for 24 hours for around-the-clock support!

Bronchix Liquid

Bronchix LQ from Cavalor helps horses through Allergy Season.

Bronchix Liquid from Cavalor uses a unique blend of essential oils and plant extracts to help alleviate bronchial problems in horses. This supplement can help relieve coughing and congestion from colds, making coughs more efficient and beneficial. Bronchix Liquid can also be used to clear the respiratory tract before intensive effort!

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