Much like humans who experience muscle soreness after exercise, horses are also prone to soft tissue injuries throughout training and competition. Properly warming up and cooling down your horse helps lessen the risk of serious injury, but soreness can still occur even under the best care. By adding a product like TRF into your horse’s daily care regimen, you’re also helping to prevent a major injury down the road.

Tendon Repair Formula

Tendon Repair Formula

Created by Perfect Products, TRF (Tendon Repair Formula) works with the horse’s body to heal soft tissue naturally. As a result, this formula helps maintain the overall health of soft tissue while preventing injury. Ideal for tendon and ligament injuries, you can count on TRF to see your horse through rehabilitation, maintenance, and prevention.

I wish I had access to use Tendon Repair Formula on my horses when I was working as a barn manager. For horses with current injuries, horses slowly coming back into work, or horses you want to prevent from getting re-injured, TRF helps heal soft tissues while reducing inflammation. Every competitive barn should consider using this product on their horses! 

Kelley KinsleR, Senior Mobile Store Manager

How It Works

Over time, your horse’s soft tissues become more damaged from exercise and competition. In turn, these tissues can become inflamed, which actually inhibits the healing process. The TRF formula aids in the hydration of soft tissue in order to encourage your horse’s healing and repair damage before an injury occurs.

Watch & Learn

Check out this video from Alex Emerson, DVM to understand how can you manage your horse’s soft tissue with TRM!

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