For owners with highly energetic dogs, you know the constant battle of trying to tire out your pup. Between going on long walks, throwing the ball, inventing new activities, and attending puppy playdates, sometimes their energy seems endless. Whether you’ve got a new pup on your hands or an adult dog who’s young at heart, we’ve got some ideas to keep them engaged and happy.

Enriching Toys



The BarkBone is made to be durable and mess-free. It features tiny flavor cells across the body of the bone that can be filled with spreadable treats like peanut butter. This adds an additional element of fun to the bone to keep your pet from getting bored. The BarkBone is infused with an aromatic flavor to keep your dog interested and excited. The bone helps to promote overall oral health by massaging gums and teeth while your dog chews. 

Traxx Toy

Traxx Toy

The Traxx Toy from Kong is a durable, tire-shaped chew toy designed for bouncing and playing fetch with your dog. The Traxx Toy has a thick outer tread for extreme chewers and unique sidewalls. The rubber material is perfect for extended chewing without harming your dog’s teeth and gums. If your dog loves to fetch, the Traxx Toy’s surprising bounce will keep your dog on their toes!

Beneficial Treats

ROAM Jerky

ROAM Jerky

Roam Deli-Prepped Jerky features free-roaming, deli prepped meat from animals sustainably sourced in South Africa. The flavors are available in ostrich, alligator, and venison. Each exotic strip of jerky contains lean protein to improve your dog’s diet while taking them on an exciting journey of flavor. 

Smartmouth Dental Chews


Smartmouth Dental Chews make treating your pup simple with this healthy alternative! Created with textured grooves and ridges for your dog’s enjoyment, this treat contains omegas and glucosamine to benefit their skin, coat, joints, and mobility. As your dog enjoys their treat, Smartmouth Dental Chews fight plaque and tartar while freshening their breath. Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients.

Calming Chews

Total Calm & Focus Canine

Total Calm & Focus Chews

Total Calm & Focus helps eliminate your dog’s anxiety and stress without drowsiness. Their proprietary ingredient Ramisol lowers the dog’s natural cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which is increased by rigorous activity. Teamed with magnesium and a blend of B Vitamins, Total Calm & Focus Canine calms nervous, anxious dogs while promoting enhanced focus. Total Calm & Focus also alleviates fatigue, changes in mood, and depression that are linked to high levels of cortisol.

Relax & Calm Chews

Relax & Calm Chews

Relax & Calm Chews are chicken liver-flavored chews designed to eliminate your pet’s stress and anxiety. Formulated with L-tryptophan and chamomile, these chews are easy to give in stressful situations. In events like travel, loud noises, prolonged separation, and tension, give your pet a chew. These chews are easy to administer and are sure to taste good while also relaxing your pet.

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