“Horsemen shouldn’t have to choose between providing their sensitive horses with the electrolyte support they need and causing them potential mouth or gastric distress in the process.”

Jeff Morgenstern

Perfect Products, the industry leader in Performance Formulas for equine athletes, offers MetaLyte, an electrolyte complex that supports optimal electrolyte balance in hard-working horses. 

Electrolyte supplementation is critical for high-level equine athletes under the stress of training or competing, especially in hot, humid climates. Horses in exercise lose a tremendous level of essential electrolytes in the high volume of sweat that they produce. 

Currently, available electrolyte formulas are generally incomplete and can irritate the gastric lining. MetaLyte‘s proprietary GastricProtec™ technology, combined with a unique complex of ingredients that support optimum electrolyte balance, work to quickly restore electrolyte balance and soothe the digestive tract. 


Many horses have an acute sensitivity to oral electrolytes, causing an irritated stomach or mouth. To eliminate this irritation, Perfect Products investigated a randomized, blinded, clinical trial done in 2017 that demonstrated that Aloe Vera improves the condition of squamous and glandular lesions in horses. This study provided the basis for MetaLyte’s state of the art GastricProtec™ technology that uses a unique Aloe Vera Gel extract as a protective coating to soothe and heal exposed areas of the horse’s mouth and stomach. The addition of GastricProtec™ proprietary technology adds a margin of assurance to your horse care decision.

MetaLyte improves on available products with a blend of electrolytes, including Sodium Chloride to encourage water consumption after exercise, Potassium Chloride to maintain hydration balance, Magnesium for nervous system function, and Calcium to support the horse’s metabolic systems.  

To further ensure a perfect electrolyte balance, MetaLyte incorporates the amino acids Betaine Anhydrous, which improves a horse’s ability to retain water during periods of high-intensity work; and L-Glutamine, which aids in muscle recovery after exercise. MetaLyte™ also contains Thiamine Mononitrate, or Vitamin B1, which allows the body to convert feed to energy while easing anxiety, thereby helping horses maintain their appetite during periods of stress.  Feeding the unique MetaLyte formula provides you the confidence that your horse is receiving just the right balance of electrolytes exactly when he needs it most.

MetaLyte users consistently report superior palatability compared with currently available electrolytes. Horses consume it readily in their feed or water supply and unlike many products on the market today, Metalyte is sugar-free, dye-free, and contains no prohibited substances. MetaLyte powder can be added to a horse’s feed or water, at a maintenance dose of 15 grams (1 scoop) daily, or 15 grams twice daily during periods of competition. Available in 2 lb, 5 lb, and 10 lb buckets, a 60-dose supply of MetaLyte costs less than 76 cents a dose.   

Perfect Products’ line of performance formulas is trusted by elite riders across a variety of disciplines—among them Ian Millar, Shane Sweetnam, Hope Glynn, Nick Haness, John French, Debbie McDonald, and Steffen Peters, —Perfect Products assures that MetaLyte™ will provide the quality and effectiveness that has become synonymous with the other widely respected Perfect Products formulas. 

“We are very excited to introduce MetaLyte, a product we’ve carefully researched and developed,” says Perfect Products founder and life-long equestrian, Jeff Morgenstern. “Horsemen shouldn’t have to choose between providing their sensitive horses with the electrolyte support they need and causing them potential mouth or gastric distress in the process. Now, with the introduction of MetaLyte, they can feel confident they are offering them the absolute optimum electrolyte support.” 

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This blog was contributed by the team at Perfect Products in an effort to get the information out about MetaLyte.