With the official first day of fall on September 22nd, it’s time to gear up for the season to come. This summer flew by and suddenly it’s time to get prepared for dropping temperatures! The best way to start your winter preparation process is by assessing what you already have in order to decide what you need. As a rule of thumb, we recommend going through your tack trunk first to get the best idea of what you currently have stocked. Then, it’s time to shop! We’ve pulled together our fall gear essentials to make the shopping process easier for you.

Ear Plugs

POMMS ear plugs for horses available at FarmVet

Holy, INDOORS. Whether your horse is a seasoned competitor or new to the show ring, competing indoors can be a stressful experience. Between echoing walls and bright lights, sometimes your horse just needs a little internal silence to hone in on the task at hand.

POMMS: When it comes to earplugs, you can never have too many. POMMS Ear Plugs allow your horse to hear normal tones while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises. POMMS “comfort plus” design protects your horse’s sensitive ears from wind, water, and debris. They are washable, reusable, comfortable, non-irritating, soft, pliable, discreet, durable, and won’t fall out. 

Rider Gloves

Roeckl Gloves for horse riding available at FarmVet

It’s easy to take that one pair of gloves a little too far, and suddenly you’re walking to the ring with a hole by your pinky finger. Make sure your hands are set for the new season with the right pair of gloves.

Roeckl Gloves: Rider gloves from Roeckl protect your hands from painful rubs and calluses while also helping to improve your grip on the reins. These hand-stitched gloves are fitted with an easy, secure Velcro closure. Roeckl’s classic hand logo provides a sleek, classic look that is perfect for the show ring or schooling at home. Roeck-Grip Gloves also feature touchscreen-compatible material, so you can continue to text and type in between rides without removing your gloves. 

Mask On

AgSilver Sport Mask for horse riding available at FarmVet

Wearing masks isn’t going away anytime soon, and having a trustworthy mask is crucial. If you’ve been looking for the right type of mask to protect yourself while you ride, look no further.

AgSilver Sport Mask: The AgSilver Sport Mask from EquiFit is a lightweight protective mask made with recycled material and infused AgSilver to combat bacterial growth. Equipped with a hook & loop style closure, this mask is simple to take off when you’re exiting the show ring. The moisture-wicking layers are light and breathable, while the AgSilver protects against bacterial growth.

Jacket Weather

Alessandro Albanese riding jacket for horseman available at FarmVet

If you look good, you feel good, and nothing says that better than when you’re wearing a top-quality show jacket. Let your attire speak for itself in the ring this fall in the Alessandro Albanese Show Jacket.

Alessandro Albanese Show Jacket: The Alessandro Albanese Motion Lite Show Jacket is an award-winning, designer women’s jacket with the quality you expect from Alessandro Albanese. The jacket’s breathable material is perfect for any discipline and climate, keeping you comfortable while still providing complete opacity. With a flattering fit, multiple colors, and easy cleaning, the Alessandro Albanese Motion Lite Show Jacket is the only jacket you’ll need for any and all equestrian events.

Fierce in Fleece

Fleece Girth for horses available at FarmVet

After a summer of sweat, fleece girths will quickly turn a dull white and become severely matted. Make sure your horse’s tack is looking its best with a fresh fleece girth.

Essential Sheepswool Girth: The Essential Sheepswool Girth by Equifit was designed for your horse’s easy, comfortable, everyday use. Made with durable material and double-elastic ends, this girth is easy to adjust from both sides of the horse. The soft Sheepswool liner of this girth is hypoallergenic and breathable, allowing for heat transfer away from the body and effective moisture wicking during use. Last but not least, the liner is removable for easy machine washing.

Shop Now

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