Liniment, Gel, or Poultice?

First things first – all Sore No-More formulas are available in three different types: liniment, gelotion, or poultice. Deciding which consistency will work best for your specific management style is a great place to start.


The horse liniment Sore No-More comes in an easy, spray-on application. Having a liquid liniment is great for when you want to cover the whole horse quickly and easily, rather than targeting specific areas for pain relief. Sore No-More liniment is safe to use across your horse’s entire body and is designed with sensitive skin in mind. You can also easily add the Sore No-More liniment formulas to a bucket of water to create a soothing and refreshing bath after workouts.


The gelotion forms of Sore No-More for horses are all made with xantham gum; the active ingredient that creates the gel-like consistency. The higher viscosity Sore No-More gelotion makes it easier to apply to hard-to-reach places, meaning you can more easily target specific areas of your horse. Like our liniments, Sore No-More gelotion is also safe to use across the entire body of your horse.

Also, when Sore No-More gelotion is massaged into your horse, the formula will create a small amount of foam on areas that are holding extra heat. This allows you an easy method for targeting overworked muscle groups or potential problem areas.


Poultice shares a similar consistency to common creams and ointments. While you can safely use poultice anywhere on your horse’s body, traditionally, Sore No-More Poultice use is reserved for use on the lower limbs. The Sore No-More poultices utilize a bentonite clay base (the same ingredient used in human facial masks) making them exceptionally easy to apply and remove. Poultice formulas are commonly paired with wraps to help draw out heat and swelling within the lower limbs.

Classic, Performance, or Performance Ultra?

Once you have made a decision on the form of your Sore No-More, you’ll need to decide whether the Classic line, Performance line, or the Performance Ultra line is best for you.


sore no-more classic formula available at FarmVet for pain relief

Sore No-More Classic is the original Sore No-More formula and is perfect for everyday pain relief for horses that have light to moderate workloads. Using Sore No-More Classic liniment or gelotion before and after rides is a common way to prepare your horse’s muscle groups for work and prevent injury. Our Classic line has been shown to be effective in combating chronic conditions like inflammation, arthritis, and pain. The Classic line does contain lobelia, an herb commonly listed in zero tolerance lists, and is not recommended for horses competing in FEI events. The Sore No-More Classic formulas are ideal for everyday joint, muscle, and soft tissue maintenance.

Additionally, the Sore No-More Classic line offers several liniment-based horse care products! Check them out here.


sore no-more performance formula available at FarmVet for pain relief

Our Sore No-More Performance line is similar in strength to the Classic formula, but with a few key differences. The Performance line is specifically engineered to meet FEI regulations so that you can provide excellent horse pain relief for your hard-working competition horses as well. The ingredient lobelia, which targets inflammation, is substituted with comfrey in order to be FEI compliant. Sore No-More Performance liniment and gelotion can also be used before and after rides to soften muscle groups and aid in injury prevention.

Performance Ultra

sore no-more performance ultra formula available at FarmVet for pain relief

The Sore No-More Performance Ultra formulas are the most powerful, herbal pain relief products available on the market. The Performance Ultra series packs a punch and is compliant with both current FEI and USEF competition regulations. We developed the Sore No-More Performance Ultra line more than five years ago as a natural horse pain relief product that meets the needs of upper-level competitors as well as the veterinary and therapist community. The Performance Ultra line is recommended for horses with active or old injuries due to its specialized herbal extrusion process that makes it clinical strength. Use Sore No-More Performance Ultra for maximum pain relief in your sore horses and horses that need to remain compliant during competition.

No matter what your horses need, Arenus Animal Health has the Sore No-More product that will help. Whether it be Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment or Sore No-More Classic Gelotion, make sure you are taking the proper steps to ensure your horse’s health for years to come.

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