Vitamins and minerals comprise a sector of equine nutrition that often gets overlooked since they are commonly found in many different supplements and concentrate feeds. However, when it comes to these nutrients, the better the quality, the more absorbable they are. The more absorbable they are, the better your horse’s body can use them!

How It Works

The chemistry of minerals is important in determining their effectiveness. Salt bound minerals, or inorganic minerals, have limited absorption rates in the horse due to their weak chemical structure. They do not survive the acidity of the stomach well and are broken down too soon. These kinds of mineral names end in “oxide”, “sulfate”, or “chloride”, and you can likely find these on the back of your horse’s feed bag. They are most cost-effective to formulate, but lack in what they offer to the horse.

Chelated minerals, or organic minerals, are minerals bound to a carbon with a single bond, and this stronger bond can survive the acidity of the stomach much better. A super-chelated mineral takes that a step further and is double bonded to its carbon. So chelated minerals offer much-improved absorption rates over salt bound minerals, and super-chelated minerals offer absorption rates that are even higher.

Let’s Talk TelaFirm

Eq-Well and Steadfast Equine, both created by Arenus Animal Health, are in a league of their own due partly to an ingredient called TelaFirm. TelaFirm is a proprietary blend of super-chelated Copper, Manganese, and Zinc, which is the base of Eq-Well. It provides the ultimate support for soft tissues like tendons and ligaments and encourages overall body wellness through its unparalleled efficacy.



Eq-Well ranks top in its class as the best vitamin/mineral balancer on the market, with the research to prove it. In addition to chelated and super-chelated minerals, it also contains Sodium Zeolite A for optimized bone strength and HMTBa for muscle recovery. This formulation can therefore offer unprecedented soft tissue, muscle, and bone support. Eq-Well also contains no corn or molasses, making it safe for horses with most metabolic conditions. In fact, the daily dose of chromium in each serving can help with the glucose-insulin relationship in the horse.

Steadfast Equine


Steadfast Equine also features TelaFirm, and is the complete package for joint, tendon, ligament, and bone support. It contains a Natural Eggshell Membrane, which has been proven to provide a more absorbable source of glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid for the horse to utilize in the joint. This unique, highly bioavailable ingredient sets Steadfast Equine above all other joint supplements in its ability to reduce pain and inflammation in the joint for osteoarthritic horses.

If these ingredients weren’t impressive enough, Arenus Animal Health has taken its products a step further and have done their homework. Research has been done on these finished products, not just the ingredients in them, so you can rest assured that the clinically proven results they report, will also be seen in your horses too.

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