At FarmVet, we are thankful for companies like Fluff Monkey that provide an outstanding product while supporting a noteworthy cause! Fluff Monkey creates adorable multi-purpose show accessories and provides special needs students jobs through a Life Skills Program in Pennsylvania.

What We Love

Each Fluff Monkey is carefully handmade with strands of soft yet durable, colorful fabric with a firm concentrated fabric center. To participate in the Life Skills Program, Fluff Monkey broke down the manufacturing process into smaller steps to accommodate every student’s ability level. As students become more efficient at their task, they are promoted to help teach new students. This teaches students in the program how to perform a task and how to teach others. This helps instill leadership and responsibility while building their confidence and self-esteem.  

The Benefit for You

If supporting such a good cause isn’t enough for you, these little pompoms with the cute FarmVet tag and convenient carabiner clip, hang from your backpack, so you always have them whenever you need them! Although they were originally designed to be used for buffing riding boots, Fluff Monkeys have endless uses at home and shows. With so many uses bundled into one little ball, the Fluff Monkey is the perfect accessory for the busy rider in your life!

Our Fluff Monkey now comes in more sizes! They are available in mini and large, which is one inch bigger, making them easier for dusting, wiping down, grooming, or bathing your horse. Ditch that sponge for a cuter alternative. Want to know what else you can do with a Fluff Monkey? Check out the list here at FarmVet Favorite: Fluff Monkeys.

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