The sun goes down early, the grass has lost its color, and, as you know, the snow is just around the corner. Meaning fireplaces, hot chocolate, and evenings stuck inside with or without a COVID-19 vaccine. But it also means dehydration, respiratory problems, joint stiffness, hoof issues, weight loss, skin irritation, and ulcers could be in your horse’s future. These products can help prevent and prepare you for these winter health issues.


It is easy to think about hydration in the summer when it is hot and our horses are sweating, but it is just as essential to ensure your horse is drinking an adequate amount of water in the winter. Dehydration can lead to many problems, such as colic. 

Just like with people, the colder water in the winter deters horses from drinking. Research has shown that horses prefer warm water. Therefore, it is important to encourage horses to drink by keeping their water warm and providing the electrolytes they need. 

Allied Industries Bucket Heater heats water as opposed to de-icing it. When immersed in water, this heater can surpass 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Its stainless steel guard and automatic shut-off make it easy to drop it in the bucket and return it later without worrying. This heater is perfect for warming individual buckets of water or water for soaking grain. 

Bucket Heat for Winter Health at FarmVet

The Ogilvie Water Heater stands upright in your horse’s bucket to heat the water quickly. While this heater does not de-ice, its copper piping helps heat transfer through the water for rapid warming. 

Bucket Heat for Winter Health at FarmVet

Equatic Solutions Horse Quencher is a water additive that encourages horses to drink. The all-natural grains with peppermint and apple flavors are a great treat while helping your horse drink. All you have to do is add a scoop to your horse’s water bucket. 

HorseQuencher for Winter Health at FarmVet

Respiratory Problems 

Weakened immune systems, damp or moldy hay, and increased stall time, common in the colder months, can increase respiratory issues. Supporting their immune system, feeding them good hay, and keeping the barn well-ventilated will help prevent respiratory problems. 

Ramard Total Immune Blast uses proprietary ingredients, vitamins, and fatty acids to boost your horse’s immune response. This supplement helps fight off infections and respiratory issues at a molecular level. 

 Immune Boost for Winter Health at FarmVet

Arenus Aleira supports respiratory function while supporting overall immune health. It can treat recurrent airway obstruction, inflammatory airway disease, exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, and allergies. 

Aleria  for Winter Health at FarmVet

Joint Stiffness 

The cold weather can lead to severe joint stiffness and pain in horses due to chronic issues such as arthritis. These problems can be due to less exercise, more time in the stall, or the weather itself. 

O3 Animal Health Equine Omega Complete reduces joint and tissue inflammation while supporting overall body functions. It also promotes a healthy respiratory system and a healthy coat and can reduce the chances of colic. 

Omega Complete for Winter Health at FarmVet

Nutramax Cosequin is an oral joint supplement by vets to help with recurring joint pain, arthritis, and joint stress. This product can help competition horses or your horses at home to stay comfortable. 

Cosequin for Winter Health at FarmVet

Hoof Issues

As you pull on your muck boots to truck out into the wet, muddy fields and hope you don’t lose those boots, remember that the environment can cause hoof health issues for your horse. This weather can cause horses to suffer from white line disease or thrush. Using antibacterial and antifungal treatments regularly can help reduce the potential for these issues to occur. 

Cavalor Dry Feet is a spray that helps dry your horse’s frog and sole to kill thrush. This topical product hardens, dries the hoof, and sticks onto the hoof longer than most products.  

Dry Feet for Winter Health at FarmVet

Kinetic Technologies Contender is a topical hoof dressing that maintains moisture in your horse’s hoof wall to prevent dryness and cracking. It stimulates healthy hoof growth and strength. 

Winter Health and Hoof Health with Contender at FarmVet

Weight Management 

During the winter months, horses burn more calories to stay warm. You can increase your horses’ calorie intake by adding grains, supplements, and hay to stop potential weight loss. 

Dac Oil is a blend of flaxseed oil, vegetable oil, and fish oil to help your horse gain weight and improve their coat and skin. 

Dac Oil for Winter Health at FarmVet

Skin Irritation 

As the weather continues to change and your horse is getting wet, we all know the rain rot and scratches are coming. Quickly treating these infections is the key to keeping them from getting out of control. 

Equiderma Skin Lotion is a broad spectrum skincare product to help treat various fungal and bacterial skin conditions. This fast-acting topical lotion can fight rain rot, scratches, sweet itch, ringworm, and dandruff. 

Equiderma  for Winter Health at FarmVet

Absorbine Fungasol Spray is a quick and easy way to treat and protect your horse’s skin from various bacterial and fungal conditions, even if you aren’t entirely sure about the root problem. 

Fungasol  for Winter Health at FarmVet


Boehringer Ingelheim’s UlcerGard helps prevent the formation of gastric ulcers in horses. Stress such as more time in the stall can make your horse uncomfortable and produce gastric ulcers. 

Ulcergard for Winter Health at FarmVet

Perfect Products GastroEase is a comprehensive supplement designed to manage GI tracts. It supports the healing and prevention of ulcers while soothing and healing hindgut inflammation. 

GastroEase for Winter Health at FarmVet

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