After over a year of quarantining with our pets, it is hard to imagine leaving them for an extended period of time. Once it’s safe to travel again, instead of leaving them at home Kong has created some products that make traveling with your dog easier by providing organization, safety, and comfort for all your upcoming adventures.

Packing for Your Trip:

Kong 5 Pieve Travel Bag at FarmVet

The 5-Piece Travel Bag is an all-in-one carrying bag to ensure you have all the essentials your pet will need on your travels. No more juggling various bags for your pet each trip, this inclusive bag features 5 food-containers inside for treats, toys, and food that are also water-resistant and washable.

Hitting the Road:

Kong Travel Seat Belt Tether at FarmVet

The Travel Seat Belt Tether is a 22′ seat belt for your dog that is a great way to keep them out of your lap and in the back seat, which is the safest place for you and them while traveling. This easy-to-use and install device helps reduce distracted driving and keeps any snacks safe from wandering noses. The Kong Tether also fits most standard seat belt latches so you can move it between vehicles if you’re traveling with friends or family.

Kong 2-in-1 pet carrier & Mat at FarmVet

Kong’s 2-in-1 Pet Carrier & Mat is the small dog’s version of the barbie dream house. This easy-to-carry transporter features a luxuriously soft, comfy mat for maximum comfort and helps ease travel anxiety. It also features ventilation throughout making this perfect for cars or planes. Plus it has padd ed straps that’ll help keep you comfortable while you carry your pet through the airport.

FarmVet 2 in 1 Bench Seat Cover and Hammock

SCREECH! You had to slam on your breaks, and you look back in relief to see your pup has not fallen into the deep abyss between the seats. You have the 2-in-1 Bench Seat Cover and Hammock to thank for keeping your pet safe and comfortable all while ensuring your seats are clean and hair-free. It also features two storage pockets for treats, toys, or extra waste bags and can easily change it from a hammock to a seat cover.

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