At FarmVet, we put the health of your horse and pets above all else, just like the hardworking and dedicated veterinarians in your pets’ lives. In honor of Vet Appreciation Week, FarmVet would like to spotlight Not One More Vet (NOMV). NOVM is an international group of more than 25,000 veterinarian professionals. The group strives to transform and educate people about the current mental health problem within their industry. Research has shown that vets are at a higher risk of mental health problems and are 2x as likely to have severe psychological distress. In addition, one in six vets has considered suicide. This statistic is three times the national average.  

Not One More Vet is an international group of veterinarian professionals that help educate people about mental health within the industry.

Founded after the tragic suicide of Dr. Sophia Yin, NOMV’s purpose was to bring support to others in the animal health profession who needed it. NOMV continues to do this by providing vets with peer-to-peer support groups, grants that offer immediate financial support, and online crisis support networks. 

In addition to emotional and financial support, NOMV continues research into this epidemic to better understand the problem and provide solutions.

Not One More Vet helps with educate about mental health issues common among veterinarians.

Help Now

If you are interested in supporting Not One More Vet, check out their donation page here. If you are in the veterinary profession and need support, check out NOMV resources here.

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