Over the mountains, through the woods, and onto to the horse show, we go! Trailering your horse can be very stressful, but we can set ourselves up to make it an easier, safer process for us and our horses. We’ve outlined 6 products that will significantly help your horse stay safe, healthy, and relaxed. 

Stay Safe

Standing Wraps at FarmVet for Trailer

Climatex Bandage Liners and standing wraps are a must-have. The no-bow wraps are a great way to protect your horse from knicks, cuts, or kicks while on the road. They also reduce stocking up (swelling) caused by standing. Make sure to practice at home to ensure safe wrapping practices. Get some helpful tips on how to wrap here. 

Shipping halter at FarmVet for Trailer

Sheepskin Shipping Halter is a stylish, high-quality leather halter covered in black sheepskin to protect your horse from bumps, scratches, and rubs during their trip. A halter without sheepskin can cause rubs on the cheekbones, ears, or the bridge of their nose. The sheepskin helps buffer the friction and make sure your horse is safe and beautiful on arrival. 

Quick Release Trailer Tie at FarmVet

A Quick Release Trailer Tie is a safe and easy way to keep your horse restrained during the trip. These trailer ties will stretch naturally when your horse moves their head around the trailer but will release when the halter is under intense pressure. These trailer ties allow your horse to have some freedom but more importantly, they reduce the likelihood of injury during travel. 

Stay Healthy 

Electrolytes at FarmVet for Trailer

Summer Games Electrolytes is another horse trailer must-have because it reduces dehydration in your horse. Starting a few days before your trip, add electrolytes to your horse’s feed to ensure they are correctly hydrated during the trip. This can help reduce common issues your horse faces during trailering like weight loss, stress, ulcers, and more. Keep in mind you shouldn’t use electrolytes directly before shipping because it can increase dehydration due to the lack of water on the trip.

Ulcergard at FarmVet for Trailer

To know it is to love it! Ulcergard is an FDA-approved preventative for ulcers that can help save you time and your horse pain caused by stressful events like shipping. The stress caused by trailering, horse shows, and general environmental changes often lead to stomach ulcers. Ulcergard helps prevent ulcers when these things are necessary.

Stay Relaxed

Perfect Prep at FarmVet for Trailer

Perfect Prep Eq Supreme is a fast-acting oral paste that will help your horse feel relaxed during the trip. This unique blend has no prohibited substances and doesn’t test so you can focus on the more important aspects of horse showing. Simply give your horse the Perfect Prep one hour before leaving for a more pleasant shipping experience. 

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