Alltech’s team of experienced equestrians produced a new line of advanced nutritional supplements designed with your horse’s wellness in mind. After years of research, Lifeforce was created with the ideal blend of ingredients for optimal horse health and performance. Alltech’s dedicated work has led to the development of pure, perfectly modulated, and 100% digestible supplements that target a variety of health concerns and support overall wellness. Let us introduce you to the line!


Lifeforce Calming at FarmVet

Lifeforce Calming is a pelleted formula that helps ease stress and enhance focus for all types of horses. This complete formula contains tryptophan, thiamine, and organic magnesium for maximum effect.


Lifeforce Digestion at FarmVet

Like the name suggests, Lifeforce Digestion helps support a healthy equine digestive tract. With yeast, probiotics, and natural enzymes, this balanced formula supports the ideal balance of beneficial gut bacteria.

Performance Goals:

Lifeforce Elite Performance at FarmVet

Lifeforce Elite Performance supports complete wellness in performance horses. This comprehensive blend promotes healthy cartilage and synovial fluid in joints while promoting muscle endurance and recovery. This supplement is excellent to help your horse feel its best longer.

Hoof Health:

Lifeforce Hoof at FarmVet

Lifeforce Hoof supports hoof strength and growth. This once-daily supplement is perfect for your horse with cracked, dry feet. Whether your horse’s feet have seasonal or year-round issues, this supplement will enhance their skin, coat, and hoof quality.


Lifeforce Joint at FarmVet

Lifeforce Joint supports equine joint health by maintaining healthy cartilage and synovial fluid in joints. This balanced formulation contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM for ultimate comfort.

Weight Support:

Lifeforce Weight Booster at FarmVet

Lifeforce Weight Booster is a high-calorie and energy source for all horses! It is high in fat, rich in omegas, and low in sugar to create the perfect body condition without making your horse high strong.

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