We’ve all said it (or at least thought it) at some point… why ride a mare if we can have a gelding instead? Mares often get the bad rap in our barns, and although we love them, their mood swings can be tough to manage. Whether we’re prepping for an important show, trying to manage turnout partners, or simply want to enjoy a quiet and relaxed trail ride, an easily irritated mare can certainly spoil our plans. But did you know there are supplements to help manage a moody mare? Just as with humans, there are options for cycle symptom relief, anxiety or mood swings, reproductive support, or cycle regulation. Continue reading to find out which of FarmVet’s recommendations fits the needs of you and your mare.

Merrier Moods

If you have a mare that is just anxious or mildly temperamental, a natural supplement is a great place to start. Often, a cranky mare is simply feeling discomfort throughout her cycle, just as humans do.

Perfect Products Perfect Harmony EQ supplement for mares at FarmVet

Perfect Harmony EQ from Perfect Products contains natural ingredients that mimic the effects of progesterone therapy products. This supplement supports balanced hormonal functions via herbs and minerals and can help reduce hormone-related aggression, agitation, or sullenness. And another plus of using Perfect Harmony EQ – it’s safe for humans to handle, unlike other progesterone products.

Lextron Animal Health Mare Magic supplement for mares at FarmVet

Mare Magic from Lextron Animal Health is a commonly used all-natural supplement that helps your mare feel more comfortable throughout her natural cycles. Mare Magic contains Raspberry Leaf which promotes calmness and relaxation throughout her cycle.

Cycles On A Schedule

Sometimes, our mares need more help than an all-natural supplement can accomplish.

Altrenogest medication, Altren or Regumate, for mares at FarmVet

Altrenogest (Regumate or Altren) is a synthetic form of progesterone that suppresses a mare’s cycle so that she doesn’t come into heat. Cycle regulation can be helpful around show season if you want to be sure your mare doesn’t come into heat while at a show, resulting in poor attitude or performance. Altrenogest is also used to help regulate a mare’s cycle for breeding. Either use will require a prescription from a veterinarian. Consult with your vet to find out if Altrenogest is the right option for your mare, and have them fill out a script so you can order it easily online from FarmVet.com.

Mares That Are Soon-To-Be Mamas

If you’re in the breeding business or want to breed your mare, you will want to stay away from the supplements that can alter her cycle. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options.

Arenus Releira supplement for mares at FarmVet

Arenus created Releira specifically for broodmares. It contains ingredients that support reproductive function and cycles, healthy pregnancy, and proper lactation in mares. It also helps improve conception rates and benefits the growing foal’s health.

Healthy and Happy Mares and Foals

Undoubtedly one of the best parts about owning a mare is the possibility of new life. What is a cuter addition to your barn than a new baby foal? With new life, though, comes new responsibilities. As good of a mama as your mare might be, likely, she will still need some support.

Durvet DuraLyte EQ Max paste supplement for mares at FarmVet

DuraLyte EQ Max Paste from Durvet improves your horse’s gut health and rehydration. Proper gut function and hydration are essential for proper hormonal function, growth, and well, pretty much every other bodily function. This tasty paste is an all-in-one treatment with electrolytes and probiotics for both your mare and her foal.

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Mare/Foal II-P supplement for mares at FarmVet

For more comprehensive support for your mare and foal, consider Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals’ Mare/Foal II-P. This supplement is beneficial for mares throughout their entire gestation and lactation periods and for foals, yearlings, and even into their two-year-old year. This supplement, formulated with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics, promotes overall health, wellness, and proper development. While not a “mood” support supplement, good health aids in proper cycling. A healthy mare means a happy mare too.

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