Well, it’s time to pack up for another horse show. And yes, this is many people’s least favorite part! Your pooch is anxiously watching you load saddles, bridles, tack trunks, and grooming carts. You give him a pat on the head, reassuring him he will not be left behind. Then you realize – you still need to pack all his things too! Bringing your dog along with you to the show is non-negotiable, but you obviously don’t need more on your plate as you prepare for your competition. So, we’ve gathered a list of necessities for your horse show pup so both of you are ready for any adventure that awaits!

Hitting the Road

Kurgo Loft Hammock available at FarmVet for Travel with Your Dog

Your horses are loaded safely behind you; let’s get your pup safely loaded too! This Loft Hammock from Kurgo is made of ripstop water-resistant material and will keep your treasured friend safe and secure in the backseat. With its five different attachment points and zipper openings for seatbelts, it will stay in place for the entire ride and every day at the show. It even has a zipper compartment where you can store their leash, treats, and toys for the ride. No more stressing about those dirty paws – your truck will stay clean and protected all week long. Add the Direct to Seatbelt Swivel Tether for added security or for the times you let the hammock down.

Refuel and Rehydrate

Kong 5-Piece Travel Bag available at FarmVet for Travel with Your Dog

Here is the tricky part – where to pack all the little things you need that would be a serious problem if you forgot! Luckily, the Kong 5-Piece Travel Bag has you covered. This bag comes with carriers for food and water, along with room for treats, toys, and grooming supplies. The storage bags are washable and complete with foldable travel bowls and extra pockets for room to spare. No more scrambling to find where you chucked that last toy or digging through the horse supplies for your pup’s grooming wipes. With this bag, you’ll keep everything packed in one place and have easy access along the way.

Kurgo Kibble Carrier available at FarmVet for Travel with Your Dog

Need to pack extra for your hungry pal? Stash it in the Kibble Carrier from Kurgo.

Dirty Dog Solutions

Earthbath Grooming Wipes available at FarmVet for Travel with Your Dog

We spend most of the day trying to keep our horses clean and presentable at the show. Meanwhile, our dogs are playing in puddles, laying in the dirt, and rolling in who knows what. Before they hop on the hotel bed and dirty up your sheets, wipe them down with the Grooming Wipes from Earthbath. Available in a variety of scents, this is the perfect no-mess solution for clean-up when neither of you has the time or energy for a bath. Add these wipes to your Kong Travel Bag, and don’t forget a brush like the Curry Brush from Bamboo Groom for a quick, easy, and enjoyable grooming sesh.

Clean-Up Along the Drive

Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster available at FarmVet for Travel with Your Dog

Kurgo helps you stay set up for the drive and all the running around while at the show, making clean-up behind your pet easy along the way! The Tailgate Dumpster connects to the outside of your car, truck, or trailer for a simple solution to hold any used poop bags outside the vehicle until you get to the next rest stop or show grounds. The three powerful magnets will keep it securely in place until you reach your destination.

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