Many of us wouldn’t want to know what life would be like at the barn without a dedicated barn manager. They keep the place organized, from employee duties to supply restocks, assistance with veterinary and farrier visits, record keeping, and property maintenance. Honestly, the list is endless. If you appreciate your barn manager as much as we do, here is a list of essential gift ideas that will be sure to make them smile.

Day-to-Day Necessities

Bucket Heater or Sinking Tank De-Icer

Allied Precision Bucket Heater for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

Winter and cold weather can create frustrating frozen water situations. Help make your barn manager’s day just a bit easier and put their mind at ease that the horses will have plenty of water available! The Allied Precision Bucket Heater fights ice and cold water by heating the water as opposed to de-icing water. This also encourages your horse to drink since the water is not as cold. For outdoor water tanks, the Sinking Tank De-Icer from Allied Precision sits at the bottom to prevent freezing and melt away any ice that is present.

Feed Scoop

FarmVet Feed Scoop for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

Most barns have plenty of feed scoops available, but this 3qt feed scoop is unique with pre-labeled measurements to make feeding easy and accurate. Your barn manager can rest assured that the horses are getting their proper amount of feed and supplements with this easy measuring solution.

Blanket Safe Blanket Wash

Blanket Safe Blanket Wash and Deodorizer for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

An important part of maintaining a clean and organized barn is keeping blankets, coolers, fly sheets, and more washed and clean. This especially is the case at the start and end of blanketing season, and, for the messy horses, a few times throughout the winter. Blanket Safe has multiple formulas and scents available so you can choose the one that best suits your barn’s needs.

Make the Long Days a Little Better

FarmVet Yeti

FarmVet Yeti Rambler for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

Long days at the barn call for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. The FarmVet Yeti 20oz Rambler keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel. It is the perfect everyday sidekick!

SSG All Weather Glove

SSG All Weather Glove for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

The Original All Weather Glove from SSG comes in multiple colors and is a great option to keep hands protected during work around the barn or riding. The Aquasuede Plus Palm offers a secure grip wet or dry. And for convenience, these gloves are machine washable, hang them to dry, and they’ll be fresh and ready for more work or anything they’re put through at the barn.

Horseware Ireland Keela Technical Base Layer

Horseware Ireland Keela Technical Base Layer for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

Perfect for at the barn, in the ring, or on the go, the Keela Technical Base Layer from Horseware Ireland has sweat-wicking properties and added skin protection for comfort all day long. Stylish and functional, this is sure to make a staple in her wardrobe!

If You Want to Splurge

Equifit Notebook

EquiFit Notebook for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

A day in the life of a barn manager is busy and often quite hectic. Help them stay organized with this equestrian-style Notebook! It has a hook and loop closure to ensure items are secure, and an inside pocket that can hold business cards or important contacts they may need throughout the day.

Vitafloor Q-Line Roll-Up

Vitafloor Q-Line Roll-Up Type S. For Horse Bandages for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

If you asked your barn manager what they want or need for the holidays, they would likely say more time if that was an option! Since you can’t gift them time, gift them this Q-Line Roll-Up Type S to help them “save time” throughout the day! Rolling wraps can be time-consuming, but not anymore. With the flip of a lever, the machine rolls bandages for you, keeping them consistently clean and neatly rolled. It can be used at the barn or on the go, anywhere with access to an outlet.

Heritage Tack Trunk

Phoenix West Heritage Tack Trunk for Barn Manager Gifts available at FarmVet

The Heritage Tack Trunk from Phoenix West is made from high-quality materials to store equipment securely and stylishly. This barn essential can be finished with either walnut or cherry color and chrome or brass hardware. Each trunk is topped with three coats of durable finish to protect the wood, ensuring it lasts for years to come.

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