Toys, Beds, Treats, Supplies? It can be hard to decide which product is the best for your beloved pet, so we asked and you answered! In 2022 we worked on compiling some of the best dog products available so you can give your pet everything they deserve. And now this year, we asked which products were your favorite. 

5 Piece Travel Bag

Top Dog Products at FarmVet 5 Piece Kong Travel Bag

Since 2020, we have become even more accustomed to being with our dogs at home and on the road. This travel bag by Kong will help you feel like the most organized Paw-rent throughout your travels. Offering plenty of space for treats, toys, and food, this stylish bag has become a must-have when you’re on the road with your furry friends.

Kurgo Loft Hammock

Top Dog Products at FarmVet Kurgo Loft Hammock

This tried and trusted Loft Hammock by Kurgo is a FarmVet customer and employee favorite. Its reversible blue or grey material protects your car from hair, scratches, and mud after a long and fun day at the barn. 

Baker Dog Blanket 

Top Dog Products at FarmVet Dog Blanket 5/A Baker

Need an extra layer of warmth for the barn days? This Dog Blanket from Baker is just what you’re looking for. The blanket is adjustable to ensure the best fit, with a classic chest strap and belly band for security. This waterproof and breathable blanket comes in a variety of sizes and will keep your furry friends warm all winter long! 

Kong Llama

Top Dog Products at FarmVet Kong Sherps Plush Toy

Who doesn’t love new toys? This Kong toy is unique, fun, and durable, ensuring long hours of playtime with your beloved pet! With its plush filling, crinkly material, and squeaker toy, your pet is bound to have a new favorite toy! 

Undercoat deShedding Tool 

Top Dog Products at FarmVet Undercoat de Shedding Tool Furminator

We work hard to help our horses shed their extra hair, so why not help our dogs too? For those with long-haired or double-coat dogs, this deShedding Tool by Furmintaor is a must-have. This specially designed tool reaches through the topcoat to safely remove the undercoat without causing damage or discomfort to your furry loved one! It reduces loose hair shedding by up to 90%

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