Foaling season is in full swing! Equestrians’ social media pages are full of adorable new baby pictures, and spring pastures will soon be full of playful foals. As adorable as they are, taking care of foals and their mamas can be a lot of work. It is important to be fully prepared before your new arrival. We talked to some of our foaling experts at FarmVet, and these are the top products they recommend having on hand.

During Pregnancy

Nutrition can heavily impact the health of your foal and mare both during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy and nursing can be stressful on your mare’s body as the growing foal requires many extra nutrients. Feeding supplements throughout the pregnancy can help your mare maintain good health, as well as ensure a strong and healthy foal.

TRM Calphormin for foaling season available at FarmVet

Calphormin from TRM is a veterinary and breeder-trusted supplement that provides essential micronutrients for optimal bone development. Feeding Calphormin to pregnant mares will help them pass these essential nutrients to their newborn. This will help the foal get a jump start on bone health, resulting in greater bone density that is less prone to injury as they grow up.

Arenus Steadfast Equine Growth for foaling season available at FarmVet

Another supplement option is Steadfast Equine Growth from Arenus. Feed it during late-term pregnancy to help with healthy foal development. Then, continue feeding it after birth for bone and soft tissue support and even later on during training to help prevent injury and promote recovery.

After Birth

So, your rockstar mare delivered a beautiful, strong foal; now what? One of your top concerns in the first few weeks after birth will be a healthy digestive system for your foal. This ensures that they absorb the nutrients needed for growth. It will also reduce the risk of more serious complications such as colic.

FullBucket Foal Kit for foaling season available at FarmVet

FullBucket Foal Kit is essential to have on hand for a newly born foal. This kit of nutrient-packed pastes contains everything you need to ensure your foal’s digestive and immune system gets a proper start. It includes a tube of Foal Kick Start to boost the foal’s immune system on day one. And it has six tubes of Foal Probiotic to promote optimal gut and immune health for their first week of life in the outside world. Additionally, the kit contains a set of Foaling Indicator Strips to help determine how close your mare is to foaling and Foal Information Cards for record keeping.

Probios Equine Paste for foaling season available at FarmVet

Probios Equine Paste is another great choice for post-birth nutrition or a dose of probiotics at any age. This paste aids in digestion as well as increases appetite. It can be used during any time of stress, such as birth, weaning, or other diet changes.

As They Grow

Walsh Grow with Me Foal Halter for foaling season available at FarmVet

One of the most rewarding parts of breeding is seeing your foal grow up and thrive as a youngster! Get them started on the right hoof with the Walsh Grow with Me Foal Halter. This halter is a must-have for any breeding operation. It has an adjustable crown and removable catch strap to fit your growing foal throughout its early years.

5/A Baker Expand-O-Blanket Foal Turnout for foaling season available at FarmVet

You’ll also need to be prepared with extra layers, especially if your mare foals out in the early months of the year. The Baker 200g Expand-O-Blanket Foal Turnout by 5/A Baker has velcro belly and chest bands for easy adjustments as your foal grows.

FlexiNeb E3 Equine Nebulizer for foaling season available at FarmVet

If we learn anything as equestrians, it is to always be prepared. As much as we hope for easy, healthy horses, chances are, at some point, they will require extra attention or medication. And the same can be true for your foal. The FlexiNeb E3 Equine Nebulizer will help you be prepared to treat any respiratory conditions that may occur in their early life stages. The contoured mask ensures direct delivery of aerosolized medications or treatments. It is silent, cordless, and lightweight, providing a less stressful treatment session, and is conveniently available in a foal size.

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