As the summer months approach, proper hydration for our horses can become challenging. But don’t worry, because FarmVet has a lot of options available to help. Some encourage thirst and drinking, while others improve how the water is used internally. The real issue comes for owners of picky horses that don’t like to consume their electrolytes. We have a unique product for these situations.

What Is It?

Signal Health Equiwinner Patches for Hydration available at FarmVet

Signal Health’s Equiwinner Patches are a product unlike any other when it comes to hydration. Rather than a supplement or paste, they do not require any consumption. These patented electrolyte patches promote both proper electrolyte activity and hydration as the horse’s body recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them. Signal Health aptly calls this “Smart Electrolytes”. Each box contains ten patches that get placed directly onto the horse’s hip, and replaced with a new patch daily. The ten-day treatment will provide continual benefits for months, and even up to a year.

How Does It Work?

Signal Health Equiwinner Patches for Hydration available at FarmVet

Each patch has a balanced package of sealed electrolytes that work at a microscopic level when it is placed on the horse. The skin cells recognize the electrolytes in the patch and generate signals to switch off the imbalances of cellular functioning that cause dehydration, tying up, anhidrosis, and more. This in turn ensures better hydration and optimum performance by solving the root problems instead of just covering them up by encouraging drinking.

What Does It Help?

Not to state the obvious, but proper hydration and electrolyte balances are essential for performance and even daily functioning at the cellular level. Horses with imbalances can have problems such as EIHP bleeding, tying up, non-sweating or anhidrosis, headshaking, skin and coat conditions, and more. Whether due to dehydration, inefficient use of water within the body, or improper cellular function, it is most effective to solve the problems at a cellular level. Equiwinner patches do just that, and as a result, they can improve any or all of these conditions.

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