One thing all equestrians know is this – horses are high-maintenance animals. Keeping our horses happy and healthy requires endless attention (and supplies), but that’s also why we love them so much! The market is now filled with product options that can help improve your horse’s health and well-being. To simplify your shopping and stock-up experience, we’ve accumulated a list of fifteen game-changing products you should have on hand for your horse.

Game-Changing Tack Additions

Plughz Leather Competition Number Set for equestrians available at FarmVet
  1. For anyone on the show circuit, keeping their competition number on display yet in show-ready condition can present a challenge. The Plughz Leather Competition Number Set solves that issue. It easily attaches to any halter, bridle, or saddle pad to keep their number properly displayed on the show grounds while keeping their number in good condition for show days.
Pomms Original Ear Plugs for best horse products available at FarmVet
  1. POMMS Original Ear Plugs from Equine Healthcare International are another essential to keep on hand. These soft earplugs allow your horse to hear normal tones but significantly reduce the intensity of loud or distracting sounds. They protect your horse’s ears from wind, water, and debris.
SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Riding Gloves Best Equestrian Products Available at FarmVet
  1. Why sacrifice comfort for security when you can have both? These SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Riding Gloves are a game-changer for summer and hot-weather rides. They have a crochet design on the back of your hand to keep you cool, while the leather palm provides the grip you need.

Barn Must-Haves

Belvoir Tack Cleaner Mitts for Equestrians available at FarmVet
  1. We all know tack cleaning is a never-ending job. But these Belvoir Tack Cleaner Mitts help simplify that job. Each mitt is tough on grime and ready to use, with no additional product necessary. They are perfect for a quick wipe down on the go, pre- or post-ride.
Ultimate Hoof Pick for Equestrian Must Haves available at FarmVet
  1. The Ultimate Hoof Pick is another one of those game-changing products you didn’t know you needed until you got it. No more flimsy, bendable hoof picks around here! This hoof pick is made from an unbendable steal, with a patent-pending pick angle and a comfortable ergonomic handle.
Blanket Safe Fly Sheet Wash Equestrian Must Have available at FarmVet
  1. Blanket Safe Fly Sheet Wash is the best way to keep your fly sheet clean without compromising its integrity. This ​​powerful detergent has built-in deodorizers and cleans effectively in mild-temperature water. 
  1. For horses in cooler climates, Blanket Wash will be your best friend for maintaining fresh, clean blankets and saddle pads. 
  1.  Be prepared for sudden rain showers with Horse Blanket Water Repellent on hand to keep your sheets and blankets in top condition and ensure long–term use. 

Cooldown and Recovery Essentials

Professional's Choice Ice Boots for Equestrians available at FarmVet
  1. Ice boots are something no equestrian should be without. Whether you use them after every ride or just have them on hand in an emergency, Professional’s Choice Ice Boots are a perfect option. The ice stays soft and moldable to your horse’s legs and stays cold for longer periods of time. 
Professional's Choice Hock Ice Boots Best Horse Products available at FarmVet
  1. The Hock Boots also provide a convenient way to ice an otherwise hard-to-wrap location on your horse. The practical design with simple hook and loop straps allows for easy use and a custom fit for each horse.
Dac Premium Medicated Poultice Best Horse Products available at FarmVet
  1. Poultice is another equestrian must-have, and this dac Premium Mediated Poultice is a favorite. This poultice combines mineral-enriched kaolinitic clays with menthol and wintergreen essential oil for soothing relief wherever it is applied.
Carry Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit Must Have Horse Products for Equestrians available at FarmVet
  1. The Carry-Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit from EquiSources is both a game-changer and a must-have for equestrians! This unique product allows you to help your horse cool down properly or maintain proper body temperature. Think cooling rag around your neck, but for your horse. It can be used during or after rides, after a haul, or after spending time outside during hot conditions.

More Ways to Up Your Game

RevitaVet Poll Cap must have horse product for Equestrians available at FarmVet
  1. As aforementioned, today, there are endless advancements and product options to help our horses feel their best. The RevitaVet Poll Cap is one such example. This therapy product offers targeted red light therapy to address your horse’s autonomic nervous system through acupuncture points. Relieving sympathetic stress in your horse offers many benefits, including a calmer, more relaxed animal. You can use it for a 15-minute therapy session or to help your horse during stressors like farrier visits, travel, or saddling before a competition. 
EcoVet Fly Repellent best fly spray for horses available at FarmVet
  1. Another common equine necessity is fly control. While we all keep fly spray on hand in any barn, this one is different. Ecovet Fly Repellent offers an innovative approach to fly control. Instead of pyrethrins or essential oils, it utilizes a unique blend of natural fatty acids in a silicone oil base. These fatty acids disrupt insects’ directional abilities, preventing them from locating or landing on your horse effectively.
Dimple Horse Treats Best Horse Products available at FarmVet
  1. If you asked your horse, they’d probably say we saved the best for last – treats! But Dimples Horse Treats are not just ordinary treats. Each soft treat has a central ‘dimple’ that is perfect for hiding medication. Dimples are made from multiple ingredients renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties, providing the perfect choice whether you’re administering medicine or simply rewarding your horse.

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