How do you like to spend your holiday weekend? Is it by heading to the beach, a hike through the mountains, or from the comfort of your couch? No matter how we choose to rest and recharge, as pet owners, our pets are also a major part of our plans for a day off. Whether you’ll be hitting the road or staying at home, we have some tips to help you and your pet have a happy and safe holiday.

Safety On The Road

Kong 5-Piece Travel Bag for Travel with Pets Available at FarmVet

The first step to a safe holiday is preparation. The Kong 5-Piece Travel Bag helps you do just that in a convenient and organized manner. In one bag, you can pack food (along with the included collapsible food and water bowls), treats, toys, grooming supplies, walking essentials, and more. Whether traveling for just a day or a full weekend, this bag makes it easy to keep all your necessities easy to carry and together in one place.

Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Swivel Tether for Travel With Pets Available at FarmVet

Car safety is also a concern while you’re on the road. The Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Swivel Tether can help give you peace of mind for your dog’s safety during the car ride. It easily connects as a seatbelt, while the swivel allows freedom of movement within their space without getting tangled.

Kurgo First Aid Kit for Travel With Pets Available at FarmVet

Last but certainly not least, keep a first aid kit on hand throughout your travels. The hope is to never need it, but preparation is key. The Kurgo First Aid Kit is a fully stocked, all-in-one safety kit so you’re prepared for everything from lacerations to choking to poisoning. This 50-piece kit also comes with a guide to help in case of emergencies.

Stay Calm

Some pets get anxious while traveling. The car rides, new sights, and new people can create exciting or stressful situations. Even if you aren’t traveling for the holiday, guests and parties at your house, let alone fireworks or other loud noises that accompany celebrations, can still create some unease for pets.

Sentry Calming Pet Collar for Travel, Holidays, or Fireworks Available at FarmVet

This Sentry Calming Pet Collar can be beneficial in any of the above situations. It utilizes a long-lasting patented pheromone technology to eliminate stress and behavioral issues caused by these situations.

Ramard Total Calm and Focus Canine for Pet Calming Available at FarmVet

Total Calm And Focus Canine from Ramard is another option to help manage anxiety or stress for your dog. It contains several ingredients to help reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels and calm anxiety while promoting focus. Use it to help your pet have an easy travel day, less stress about the fireworks, maintain composure and focus in busy social settings, and more.

Stay Cool

Another major concern around any holiday weekend is, of course, your pet’s health and well-being. Days off usually mean spending time outdoors, especially in the summer. Dogs cannot cool themselves off by sweating, so their risk of overheating is heightened by our outdoor shenanigans. Along with proper hydration, keeping them cool and comfortable is of the utmost importance.

Back On Track Cool On Track Cooling Dog Coat for Pets Safety in Hot Weather Available at FarmVet

The Cool On Track Cooling Dog Coat by Back On Track can help you do that. The material has advanced cooling technology that works through evaporation. All you have to do is wet the coat, and it’s ready to cool so you and your pet can safely enjoy outdoor activities together! 

Stay Busy

Keeping our pets occupied is often a key to enjoying themselves on the holiday. This could be entertainment for a long drive, a distraction during a party, or something for them to do while you binge your favorite TV show.

Roam Bucky Busy Bone to Entertain Pets Available at FarmVet

In any of these scenarios, the Roam Bucky Busy Bone will keep them occupied! The tough venison shin bone is wrapped with smoked meat rich in protein and iron. In addition to the delicious entertainment, this guilt-free, long-lasting chew offers many health benefits and is allergy-friendly. 

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We have more tips for keeping your pet cool and entertained throughout the summer! Discover how a frozen Kong can help and how to make one here.

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