Combatting Scratches All Year

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Scratches, mud fever, dew poisoning, or greasy heels. Whatever you call it, this skin infection plagues horses exposed to muddy and wet conditions especially present during the winter. Treating persistent scratches can seem like an intimidating job. However, we’ve put… Continue Reading →

Are You Winter Circuit Ready?

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Winter Circuit is coming…Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran to the Florida scene, getting ready for the winter circuit can be a challenge. If you are one of the lucky riders, grooms, or trainers migrating south to compete, we put together some tips for preparing for the long months ahead!

Shoo Flies! Keep the Flies at Bay!

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Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet from Horseware Ireland brings cutting-edge
insect-deterrent technology together with their super-light disc front closure to produce a comfortable and effective fly sheet to keep your horse comfortable.

Spring Supplement: Garlic & More

It’s no secret that springtime brings out the best in your horse. Warmer temperatures mean greener grass, extra time in the pasture, and ideal riding weather. However, the spring also brings out less appealing things, like flies and allergies. Instead of… Continue Reading →

Simplify Shedding Season with StripHair

The shedding season has arrived and we know you’re already dreading your grooming process. Seemingly endless days of brushing, currying, and picking loose hair off every article of your tack and clothing. After weeks of cleaning out dandy brushes and… Continue Reading →

Maximize Joint Function with Flex+Max

For horses that need joint support during steady work, competition, or even from age, Flex+Max by Absorbine offers a comforting supplement solution. Over time, your horse’s joints will experience wear and tear just like your own joints.

Cool Down with Cavalor FreeBute Gel

Horses in strenuous work or actively competing often develop muscular and soft tissue pain over a lengthened period of time. When not treated correctly, these types of repetitive exercise can produce sore muscles, swollen legs, or painful joints. Cavalor’s FreeBute… Continue Reading →

Howlin’ Hemp and Your Dog

You’ve probably heard of Hemp Extract and it’s many benefits for humans, but did you know it can also help your dog? Just like us, our dogs can experience severe joint pain, arthritis, and even feel stressed or anxious.

3 Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Heart

Many dog owners believe heartworm disease only occurs during the summer, but the truth is our animal’s hearts can be affected by heartworms in any season. A dog’s heart needs protection from heartworms throughout the entire year, not just during… Continue Reading →

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