Which Fly Sheet is Best for Your Horse?

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Fly season might be one of a horse’s worst enemies. The insects are both annoying and can leave behind painful bites and welts. Perhaps worst of all, many insects transmit diseases from one animal to the next. Sometimes, fly sprays… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Best-Selling Sun Protectants

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Sunburn season has arrived! While we’re all excited to spend time outside in the beautiful summer weather, taking precautions to avoid harmful sun exposure is crucial. Excessive sun exposure can be detrimental not only for us but also for our… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for a Safe Summer with Your Pet

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Our pets are one of the most important things in our lives. Most of us want to spend as much time with them as possible, without letting the weather get in the way. The hot summer months create some risks… Continue Reading →

Night Grazing Your Horses: The Summer Heat Solution

As summer bears on with bright sun and green grass, it poses unique challenges for horses and their owners. From relentless insects to soaring temperatures and concerns over calorie intake, managing turnout becomes crucial for equine health and comfort. Enter… Continue Reading →

Horse Show Etiquette 101: Know Before You Go

Horse show season is in full swing! Maybe you’re new to the show circuit this year, or you’ve been at it for years. Either way, this is the perfect time to brush up on proper horse show etiquette. Sure, you’ve… Continue Reading →

How to Have a Safe Holiday Weekend with Your Pet

How do you like to spend your holiday weekend? Is it by heading to the beach, a hike through the mountains, or from the comfort of your couch? No matter how we choose to rest and recharge, as pet owners,… Continue Reading →

15 Game-Changing Horse Products for Equestrians

One thing all equestrians know is this – horses are high-maintenance animals. Keeping our horses happy and healthy requires endless attention (and supplies), but that’s also why we love them so much! The market is now filled with product options… Continue Reading →

Maximizing Summer Days at the Barn: 5 Tips for Equestrians

Summer is the season equestrians eagerly await all year long. The longer days, warmer weather, and lush greenery provide the perfect backdrop for spending quality time with our beloved horses at the barn. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a… Continue Reading →

The Best Electrolytes For Your Horse in 2024

Summer is here, and so is the heat! While hydration is important year-round, summer can make it more challenging to keep yourself AND your horse hydrated. It is even more important to ensure our horses get enough water, electrolytes, and… Continue Reading →

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