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We’re highlighting our favorite products while educating you on what can help your horse feel it’s best.

At FarmVet we put the health of your horse and pets above all else. We are a unique retailer of both equine and pet pharmaceuticals, a variety of supplements, healthcare & wellness products, therapy equipment, tack and barn supplies.

FarmVet has two warehouse & pharmacy locations, but one of the most unique aspects of shopping at FarmVet is the Mobile Store Units located at most US Horse Show Events. Our units offer a full-scale Equine experience that comes in helpful during competitions for both horse and rider.

Show Ring Shine & Total Fly Protection – A NEW Look!

For most equestrians, the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” resonates through all aspects of life around the barn. Whether it refers to training techniques, post-show traditions, or ring-side superstitions, most horse people tend to stick with what… Continue Reading →

Swipe Right on Tenda

Do you ever get the feeling like a product you’ve used FOREVER just isn’t working for your horse anymore? Maybe you have a new horse in the barn, but your tried and true care methods don’t seem to be making… Continue Reading →

The Heritage Halter: A FarmVet Exclusive!

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Owning a quality halter is a barn necessity for any type of equestrian. Whether you’re leading your horse through the barn or around showgrounds, a classic leather halter shouts professionalism. Walsh knows how important it is for your horse to… Continue Reading →

Full Blown Pony Shampoo & Conditioner Review – Decidedly Equestrian

Every equestrian and canine enthusiast alike knows the amount of panic the word “bath” can give a person. Some hate it, some love it, and some just HAVE to do it. The shampoo and conditioner line from Full Blown Pony make the… Continue Reading →

Perfequin: A Joint Supplement for Everyone

No matter what type of riding you do, your horse probably experiences everyday soreness and pain from the activity.  His joints and muscles will be affected by wear and tear over time and with consistent riding, the cartilage in your… Continue Reading →

Equine Omega Complete: All-Over Benefits & All-Natural Ingredients

Have you ever felt like your horse could use a little something extra in their daily regimen? Maybe their coat isn’t as shiny as you want it, or their joints have been looking more stiff than usual. Whatever their situation… Continue Reading →

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