We know them, we love them, we need them. Horse shows could not exist as they do without our horse show moms. Whether it’s showing up with our forgotten items, bringing us snacks, cheering us on in the ring, or providing a shoulder to cry on – they are the steady moral support we can’t do without. So, for this Mother’s Day, we have a list of some of our top products you can spoil your mom with and make her life a little better at the horse shows.

1) EquiFit Backpack

EquiFit Backpack for Gifts for a Horse Show Mom available at FarmVet

First up, an essential. How else can your mom carry your water bottle, extra pair of gloves, first aid supplies, snacks, and everything else she keeps on hand for you? The EquiFit Backpack makes it simple for her to store all your extras and her own. It is stylish and durable, with multiple pockets and compartments, and even has storage for a laptop for those times she brings work on the road.

2) Effol Lip Balm

Effol Lip Balm for Gifts for a Horse Show Mom available at FarmVet

The Effol Lip Balm is a FarmVet top-seller, and for good reason. Nothing is worse than dry, chapped, or windburned lips after a day ringside. With this everyday lip balm, dust, sun, and wind will no longer be a concern. It has SPF-20 protection and provides luxurious hydration that any mom (or anyone) will love!

3) EquiVisor Jute Helmet Visor

EquiVisor Jute Helmet Visor for Gifts for a Horse Show Mom available at FarmVet

Sometimes, especially on the long summer days, a pair of shades just doesn’t cut it. This visor provides shade and sun protection to keep your horse show mom comfortable all day. The stylish visor can be worn with or without a helmet, so it’s a perfect option for horseback or ringside!

4) Back On Track Scarf

Back On Track Scarf for Gifts for a Horse Show Mom available at FarmVet

On the other hand, we have the Back On Track Scarf for the cold horse show weekends. Another stylish option, this scarf provides practical warmth and comfort. Back On Track’s therapeutic Welltex material is woven into the fabric to reflect the body’s natural energy. This provides extra warmth while soothing muscles, perfect for long, chilly days on the show grounds.

5) The Infused Equestrian Roller Blends

The Infused Equestrian Roller Blends for Mother's Day Gifts available at FarmVet

Full disclosure – if you gift these roller blends, you might want to borrow them, so order enough for yourself, too! These handcrafted therapeutic blends help riders (and their supporters) tackle the big events. Choose from the invigorating @ The In Gate blend for energy, the soothing Recovery blend for post-show day recovery, the O.M.G. (Oh My Girth) blend to promote stomach comfort, or the rejuvenating Hello Monday blend to tackle that horseshow hangover as she gets back her work week.

6) Bonus Option: Calming Cookies

T.H.E. Equine Edge Calming Cookies for Equestrian Gifts available at FarmVet

T.H.E. Equine Edge Calming Cookies are a bonus because they’re like a two-in-one gift for your mom and horse. These healthy cookies contain natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to improve general health and well-being while helping your horse feel calm, focused, and confident. The cookies can help your mom feel calm by putting her mind at ease that your horse is focused and ready to compete. And with these treats on hand, she might move up the list of your horse’s favorite people!

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