April 2019

Be Prepared with Total Pre & Probiotic

When your horse experiences any form of environmental changes, incidents like colic and diarrhea can occur. Colic and diarrhea are typical responses from an upset digestive or intestinal system. Environmental changes can come with shifting routines, traveling to a new… Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Trails to Ride in Tennessee

With blue skies, sunshine, and all the fresh grass your horse’s heart desires, Tennessee trail riding in Spring is a no-brainer. After a long winter, one of the best ways to give yourself and your horse a chance to reconnect… Continue Reading →

Protect from Cushing’s Disease with Prascend

As horse owners, our main priority is keeping our horses living happily and comfortably for as long as possible. However, managing your horse’s health as he grows older can become increasingly difficult. An older horse requires more maintenance and attention… Continue Reading →

How to Help Your Horse with Gastric Ulcers

When horses frequently encounter high-stress situations, their bodies are more likely to produce negative responses. Events like competition, frequent travel, and new environments can cause general wear and tear on the gastric system of your horse. As a result, horses… Continue Reading →

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