When your horse experiences any form of environmental changes, incidents like colic and diarrhea can occur. Colic and diarrhea are typical responses from an upset digestive or intestinal system. Environmental changes can come with shifting routines, traveling to a new place, or even starting a new feed regimen. By feeding your horse prebiotics and probiotics, you can stay ahead of potential digestive problems.

Even if your horse is considered an easy keeper, any number of environmental factors can negatively trigger his digestive and intestinal system. Whether your horse lives in a pasture or moves around with the show circuit, he can benefit from a prebiotic and probiotic supplement. A great course of action for preventing an upset stomach starts by being prepared with Ramard’s Total Pre & Probiotic.

What Can Total Pre & Probiotic Do For Your Horse?

Total Pre & Probiotic is a supplement formulated with healthy bacteria that help rebalance your horse’s digestive system. The healthy bacteria living in your horse’s digestive system can become unbalanced easily. These bacteria feed off of beneficial prebiotics to maintain balance. Total Pre & Probiotic contains a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria and keeps it healthy. Additionally, the probiotics in this formula add more healthy bacteria into the digestive system. This increase in healthy bacteria and food for the bacteria helps support your horse’s ability to maintain digestive balance. In conclusion, your horse’s body can be more prepared for potential gastrointestinal upset.

Total Pre & Probiotic is always great to have on hand in emergency situations. Cases of loose stool, an upset digestive system, and intestinal discomfort are signs your horse needs a prebiotic and probiotic. Adding a scoop of Total Pre & Probiotic to the feed when your horse experiences these symptoms is a quick and easy way to ease his discomfort.

Total Pre & Probiotic is available in these sizes:

  • 30-gram tube
  • 240gm powder
  • 5lb powder

Did You Know?

Total Pre & Probiotic can also be given to dogs, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, rodents, birds, reptiles, and other pets. To shop this product and learn more about feeding directions, click here.

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