With blue skies, sunshine, and all the fresh grass your horse’s heart desires, Tennessee trail riding in Spring is a no-brainer. After a long winter, one of the best ways to give yourself and your horse a chance to reconnect and relax is through trail riding. Not sure where to take your horse? If you don’t have direct access to trails from your barn, don’t worry. The state of Tennessee is host to several parks and horse trails that are easily accessible and free of charge. One of these five locations might be the perfect outing for you and your horse!

1. Percy Warner Park

Percy Warner Park is a public park located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. With over 10 miles of maintained trails, shady trees, and access to water, Percy Warner is a prime trail riding location. Access to Percy Warner is free, and the trailhead address is 2500 Old Hickory Boulevard. These trails are open to the public from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. Be sure to take advantage of Percy Warner this spring- you’re likely to see wild daffodils!

For more information on Percy Warner Park’s trail riding rules, click Here.

2. Natchez Trace State Park

Natchez Trace State Park in Western Tennessee offers four different horseback riding trails up to 25 miles in length. Three trails are sections along the beautiful Natchez Trace Scenic Trail. The fourth trail is called Witch Dance Horse Trail and loops into Mississippi over its 18-mile course. Each of these trails run adjacent to the Natchez Trail Parkway. Although camping with your horse on the Parkway is not allowed, you can camp at other private campsites located off the main Parkway!

To learn more about camping and riding rules from the National Park Service, visit Here.

3. Panther Creek State Park

Panther Creek State Park, located in East Tennessee, surrounds Cherokee Lake and has seven miles of trail riding available to you and your horse. These trails focus around Cherokee Lake and give you gorgeous views of the water and wildlife living there. Panther Creek State Park is also open to mountain biking and hiking, so be sure your horse is comfortable with potential encounters along the trail!

For additional information about Panther Creek State Park, click Here.

4. Chickasaw State Park

Chickasaw State Park, located just east of Memphis, is home to over 100 miles of trails for horseback riding and camping. Within the park, gravel roads offer easy access to horse trailers for arrival and departure. There is no fee for day visitors, but if you would like to stay longer, you can rent a campground and stay overnight with your horse! Chickasaw State Park has wrangler campgrounds and stalls available for overnight stays.

To learn more about renting the wrangler campgrounds, visit Here.

5. Peeler Park

Peeler Park is located just at the end of the Cumberland River in a spot called Neely’s Bend. This little gem sits just outside of Nashville and has access to eight miles of riding trails, hiking trails, runners, and walkers. The diversity available from Peeler Park lies within its variety of trails. The unpaved trails exist for trail riders and hikers, while the paved road is perfect for running and walking with families and larger groups. Be on the lookout for deer and other wildlife that lives within this hidden park!

For more information about Peeler Park, click Here.

Before You Go…

Make sure you and your horse are totally prepared when you leave for your trail ride! The flies are out in full force this time of year, and fly spray and fly masks are a must when you’re spending long amounts of time outside.

For fly protection, we suggest:

You need to be as comfortable as your horse is on the trail ride! Be sure to outfit yourself appropriately.

For your comfort, we suggest:

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