April 2020

Earthbath: Natural Pet Products

Let’s face it, our dogs love to get dirty. Whether it’s rolling in the grass, wading through a mud puddle, or relishing in their own doggy smell, a dog can always find a way to get into something! Earthbath knows… Continue Reading →

Alimend Your Horse’s Stomach

Horses are sensitive creatures, and even the slightest change in their environment can cause a major disruption to their digestive system. Much like when humans feel butterflies in their stomach before giving a speech or a big competition, horses experience… Continue Reading →

Easy 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

Want to try a change of pace in your dog’s diet? Try baking your own dog treats! Here’s a simple, homemade treat recipe can turn a boring afternoon into an adventure for your dog’s tastebuds and your baking skills! We… Continue Reading →

Earth Day: Put The Earth First

It’s hard to imagine celebrating Earth Day indoors, especially with the limitations we are under due to COVID-19. When the entire concept of this holiday promotes getting outside and celebrating this planet, you may have difficulty being creative with your… Continue Reading →

Allergy Season & Your Horse

As soon as the winter season starts blending into spring, you and your horse will spend more time outdoors. With warmer temperatures come fresh grass, blooming flowers, and allergies. Horses are just as susceptible to allergy season as humans, and… Continue Reading →

How to Help Your Horse Avoid the Stall Sours

No one likes being stuck inside all day, and the same is true for your horse. Getting the chance to roam outside and graze keeps your horse happy and healthy – but it’s not always an option when factors like… Continue Reading →

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