The importance of gut health in horses cannot be overstated. A healthy digestive system is closely related to your horse’s overall well-being. One of the most significant factors in equine gut health is their diet. A well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet is essential for horses of any age and performance level. That is why Banana Feeds Australia created B-COMPLETE. Learn more about this unique supplement and its benefits below.

The Good is in the Green

Did you know bananas are good for horses? Green bananas contain antioxidant compounds and anti-ulcerogenic properties – most densely in the peel and specifically before ripening.

From Banana Feeds Australia:

“The simple truth is that green bananas are a good source of insoluble fiber, phyto-active molecules, potassium, and naturally occurring calming compounds. The unripened fruit is vastly different from the high sugar content of ripened bananas, making antioxidant-rich green bananas an ideal choice for supporting gut health due to its actions on stabilizing the gut and improving digestion.”

How Does It Work?

A horse’s digestive system is full of diverse microorganisms that assist in the breakdown of fibrous material, or food, that your horse eats. A balanced microbiome within the digestive tract is crucial for not only digesting food but also synthesizing essential vitamins and nutrients within the food.

Banana Feeds Australia B-COMPLETE Equine Supplement for GutHealth in Horses available at FarmVet

Whole green banana fiber acts as a prebiotic and helps maintain a healthy microbiome within the gut. Additionally, whole green bananas contain pectin, which helps maintain normal gastric mucosa, further promoting complete digestive health. This maintenance of gut stability is vital for normal digestion, which translates to your horse’s overall well-being, including body condition, performance, mood, and more.

Whole-Body Nutrition

B-COMPLETE utilizes every part of the banana, including the pulp, skin, stem, and flower ends, to provide the complete nutritional benefits of green bananas in a palatable supplement for your horse.

Banana Feeds Australia B-COMPLETE supplement for horses available at FarmVet

Because it uses the entire banana, this supplement is packed with nutrients, providing more than one benefit. In addition to the fiber benefits, naturally occurring Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and electrolytes, including potassium and magnesium, nourish your horse to provide solutions through periods of training, travel, exercise, and high heat conditions.

What actual customers are saying:

“We have seen a dramatic improvement in one of our ulcer-prone horses using B-COMPLETE. I would highly recommend it.”


“I’ve been using B-COMPLETE on my show jumper, and he’s changed a lot in the past month! The shine on him is incredible! His whole personality has changed, and he now works with me, it’s great to see him so happy.”


“Young, old, big or small – the past few years we have used B-COMPLETE on all of our horses. Our young stock thrive, our competition [horses] maintain condition. B-COMPLETE has been the ultimate tool in our kit and essential for us.”


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