Are you familiar with the impact of light on your horse’s wellbeing? If you’re a breeder, then you are more than likely aware that the lengthening days of spring result in increased fertility. Light physiologically impacts all horses, not just breeding mares and stallions. All equestrians look forward to the longer days that make sleeker coats easier to maintain.  Light also impacts condition, performance, and even your horse’s mood. Understanding light regulation is a fundamental factor to consider in our management of horses. Thanks to Equilume, that light regulation is made easily possible year-round.

The Quality of Light

All light is not equal. Natural daylight spans the visible spectrum between ultraviolet on one end and infrared light on the other. In particular, daylight contains a very high component of blue light wavelengths. This is why mammals, such as horses and humans, possess receptors in the eye that are most sensitive to blue light. These receptors are different from the rods and cones used to translate light into vision. They convey the time of day to the animal’s internal biological clock. This biological clock governs the activity of every cell and organ in the body, maintaining important daily rhythms in alertness, metabolism, immune function, muscle function, cardio-respiratory function, and regeneration and repair.

Normal indoor lighting falls significantly short of providing the optimum light spectrum for humans and animals to function well. For the body’s internal body clock to work most effectively, stable lighting should replicate the lighting provided by the natural environment as best it can. This means:

1) Daytime lighting should provide high levels of blue wavelength light

2) A gradual transition from dark to light and light to dark should occur at dawn and dusk

3) White light pollution at night should be eliminated, avoiding unwanted stimulation to the sensitive receptors in the eye that play havoc with internal body clock rhythms

4) The lighting system should be easily programmed to provide seasonal changes in day length

This is what Equilume products can produce – controlled light that mimics the longer days no matter what your lighting situation is.

Which Product is Right for You?


Light masks offer various advantages for both mares and stallions. In mares, these masks can boost fertility, optimize gestation periods, and contribute to healthier foals. Studies have demonstrated that mares wearing light masks tend to give birth to stronger foals who typically stand up 15 minutes earlier than those from mares without such masks. Stallions also benefit from light masks, experiencing increased libido and fertility. It can help extend the breeding season as well.

Equilume Curragh Light mask for Breeding horses available at FarmVet

For breeding purposes, you’ll choose between the Belfield Light Mask and the Curragh Light Mask. The Belfield is a seasonal breeding mask for horses, ideal for optimizing the performance of both breeding mares and stallions. It is not reusable from season to season. The Curragh, however, is reusable. Unlike the Belfield Mask, the Curragh Light Mask has replaceable cups that can be switched out to keep your mask in use for many seasons!

You can shop the Curragh Replacement Cups HERE.


Equilume Cashel Light Mask for Performance Horses available at FarmVet

The Cashel Light Mask is different than both the Belfield and the Curragh. This mask has the same blue light technology but in a rechargeable version. This mask can especially be helpful for horses on the road frequently exposed to inconsistent lighting situations. It is an excellent choice to optimize the condition of your sport horse, regardless of their stabling conditions. Equilume’s biologically effective blue light provides many benefits, including improving coat condition, better appetite, increasing muscle mass, and helping to extend the show-coat shine. They also can help extend the ‘summer vigor’ your horse feels seasonally and regulate and improve their mood. Due to this mask being reusable and conveniently rechargeable, it is perfect for regular use.


Equilume Stable Light for Horses available at FarmVet

Finally, the Equilume Stable Light benefits your horse’s balanced circadian and circannual rhythm. This provides many benefits for overall wellness, including maximized fertility, appetite, condition, and performance. The lights offer blue-enriched white light during the day, soft red light at night, and gradual transitions mimicking the lighting your horse would be exposed to while living outdoors. The soft red light is bright enough to do night checks without flipping on additional lighting, further reducing those disruptions to their sleeping patterns. The daylight timing can also be increased or reduced throughout the year to mimic natural seasonal changes. The Equilume Stable Light overall can help minimize the impacts modern equine management and living indoors have on the horse’s natural cycles, restoring these important rhythms.

For any additional information or questions about these products, email us here to talk with one of our therapy experts.

Equilume contributed to parts of this blog to share the benefits of their products.

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