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The Difficulty of a Bending Line

How much bend do you want to put in the line? There are so many options, and a lot of times, you have to see how you ride the first jump to make your decision on the number of strides (that is unless you are jumping over 1.20m, then you better have a good plan!). 

The Benefits of Pole Exercises for Your Horse

Pole exercises are a very effective yet simple way to help train any horse. A pole exercise is when one or multiple poles are laid out on the ground, usually making one or more box shapes. The horse can do… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Brushes

Brushes are like shoes… you can never have too many! But with all the different types of brushes out there, how do you know which one will do the best job on your horse’s coat?

Stop by our Mobile Store at Kentucky Horse Park

It’s a beautiful day and we are looking forward to the weekend at The Kentucky Horse Park where Ramard, Inc. will be at the FarmVet Mobile Store! Make sure to stop by and say “HI!”

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