Spring Back Into The Ring

While some of us are fully immersed in Winter Circuit activities, others of us have been laid up for the winter. Bringing a horse back to work after having time off is tough. Whether due to cold temps or an… Continue Reading →

Meet Perfect Products’ Show Safe EQ Training Day+ Pellets

Perfect Products, the makers of Perfect Prep EQ show safe horse calming formulas, is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of¬†Perfect Prep EQ Training Day+ Pellets.¬† For years, thousands of riders and trainers have relied on the daily focus and… Continue Reading →

How to Improve Your Horse’s Picky Eating Habits

Like people, horses can have a wide range of personality types and quirks. Some horses are always happy and easy-going, others are grumpy and not very social. When it comes to feeding horse supplements, some are perfect angels who will… Continue Reading →

Picky Eater? Fix The Flavor

We all have a picky eater in our lives – whether it’s a dog, horse, or human, some of us just can’t get past certain flavors. While humans have a variety of options for getting their required nutrients, our four-legged… Continue Reading →

Equine Omega Complete: All-Over Benefits & All-Natural Ingredients

Have you ever felt like your horse could use a little something extra in their daily regimen? Maybe their coat isn’t as shiny as you want it, or their joints have been looking more stiff than usual. Whatever their situation… Continue Reading →

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