Hoof Oil

Where There’s Mud, There’s Thrush

Many states are experiencing warmer than usual winter, but with the recent snowfall and upcoming warmer weather, many horse owners will have to start dealing with the dreaded mud followed almost immediately by thrush.  Thrush is a fungal or bacterial… Continue Reading →

Keeping Hooves Healthy Part 3 – Hoof Products

Besides having your horse on a hoof supplement program, it is also a good idea to have him on a program for maintaining the outside of his hooves.

Keeping Hooves Healthy Part 2 – Hoof Supplements

The array of hoof supplements on the market today can be overwhelming. There are so many choices… so how can you pick which one will be the right choice for your horse?

Keeping Hooves Healthy Part 1 – Developing a Plan

Part 1 of 3 of the “Keeping Hooves Healthy” Series. Everyone knows if you don’t have strong hooves, you don’t have a horse. Hoof care is incredibly important, and with so many different programs out there, it is almost impossible… Continue Reading →

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