No hoof, no horse. We hear it over and over, and well… that’s because it’s true. But changing weather conditions challenge our horses’ hoof health. Our recent blog, Common Fall Hoof Problems, touches on some of the issues to be on the lookout for, and how to treat them if they arise. But now, we’d like to discuss the prevention of these issues. And that all starts with a healthy, strong hoof.

Add Support with Supplements

If your horse has a history of hoof problems, a supplement is essential in your feeding routine. Even without a history of issues, a hoof supplement will help your horse grow stronger, healthier hooves. This means better hoof growth between farrier visits, fewer lost shoes, and fewer problems in the future. Supplements support a strong hoof wall and sole that is more resistant to conditions such as cracks, white line disease, bruising, and more. In the case that issues do arise, such as thrush, cracks, or other common ailments, the nutrient support in these supplements can help the hoof heal, repair, and make a faster recovery.


Dac Foundation Formula for Hoof Health available at FarmVet

Dac Foundation Formula is a good supplement option for healthy hoof maintenance. It provides the nutrients your horse needs to grow and develop healthy hooves inside and out. This supplement helps horn and frog quality, hoof integrity, and strength throughout the hoof.

Quality Improvements

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special supplement for Hoof Health available at FarmVet

If your horse has poor hoof quality or has a common history of fending off hoof illnesses, Cavalor’s Hoof Aid Special is an excellent option for supplemental support. In addition to high levels of biotin, Hoof Aid Special contains keratin, MSM, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to stimulate hoof growth and help improve overall hoof quality.

Critical Care

Life Data Farrier's Formula supplement for Hoof Health available at FarmVet

Farrier’s Formula from Life Data is another supplement option loaded with benefits, especially for horses with current hoof problems. Nutrients like phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals allow the horse to build strong hoof tissue and promote health and growth. This highly researched and recommended product provides the best results for problems such as quarter cracks, brittle hoof walls, thin and soft soles, damaged coffin bone, and many more. If your horse is dealing with any of these critical issues, this is the supplement to choose.

Utilize Daily Topical Treatments

As soon as we see an inkling of a crack or a hint of thrush, sure, we’re all reaching for those topical treatments. But, if we reach for them more before issues arise and use them as a part of our daily grooming routine, we may be able to avoid some of these problems altogether.


Tenda Holistic Hoof Oil for Hoof Health available at FarmVet

Even if your horse has healthy strong hooves, a basic hoof oil can help keep them that way. Tenda Holistic Hoof Oil is perfect for these situations. It contains an all-natural blend of oils to create the ultimate formula for hoof strengthening and can be used daily on all kinds of horses. It will help promote proper moisture content within the hoof for better growth, fewer cracks, and better defense against issues.


Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil for Hoof Health available at FarmVet

For horses with a history of hoof problems, Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil is an effective routine addition. It was designed specifically with prevention in mind of common issues including quarter cracks, thrush, white line disease, and brittle or soft feet. It can also help during the treatment of these issues.


Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Barrier from Carr & Day & Martin for Hoof Health available at FarmVet

As aforementioned, the changing weather can be one of the most influential factors on hoof condition. Part of this is due to the wet and muddy conditions. Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Barrier from Carr & Day & Martin provides a one-way barrier to protect from excessive water absorption. This daily hoof barrier waterproofs the hoof while still allowing it to breathe naturally.

Quinn's Equine Happy Hoof Spray for Hoof Health available at FarmVet

Additionally, Quinn’s Equine Happy Hoof Spray can be used for daily maintenance and protection to keep the hoof healthy and dry. Daily use will help prevent problems including thrush, white line disease, or scratches. This is an easy addition to your routine during changing seasons to ensure your horse stays in the best condition possible.

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