Many states are experiencing warmer than usual winter, but with the recent snowfall and upcoming warmer weather, many horse owners will have to start dealing with the dreaded mud followed almost immediately by thrush. 

Thrush is a fungal or bacterial infection that can destroy a horse’s frog. Thrush is caused by high humidity and wet environments. This can be from a variety of locations like stalls containing urine or excrement and stalls with packed debris restricting oxygen to the frog area. Thrush can also be caused by poor hoof maintenance or improper trimming. Fortunately, Thrush is not contagious, but it does create a strong smell and can cause temporary or permanent lameness if left untreated.

Get a Head Start

A hoof with thrush is not a healthy hoof, so the first step (and easiest) is prevention. Here are some products that will help you get prepared and stay ahead.

Cavalor Dry Feet for Thrush

Dry Feet by Cavalor is an easy-to-use spray that helps dry your horse’s frog and sole while hardening the hoof to prevent thrush-causing bacteria. 

“I use Dry Feet every day on my horse. This is her first winter in Virginia, and I wanted to ensure that her feet stayed healthy and thrush-free. Before and after every ride, I pick her hooves and spray them with Dry Feet. I have noticed reduced cracks, no smell, and harder feet in just a month. It is SO easy to use, so I have started to use it on all the horses I ride.”

Elise, FarmVet Customer
Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil at FarmVet for Thrush Treatment

Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil is a brand we all know and trust. This oil is made of all-natural ingredients to help a wide variety of hoof issues such as thrush, white line disease, and feet too soft or too hard. Just paint this directly onto the hoof walls and sole to avoid the smell of thrush. 

“6 months after I moved my horse to a different part of the state, he suddenly had terrible feet. For the first time in his 18 years, his feet were falling apart. I PANICKED, called my sister, and she stopped me from buying every single product listed under hoof care and recommended a handful of things to try. Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil was one of them. Now I use this product daily on my warmblood’s feet. I put it on his hoof wall, sole, frog, and coronet band. This hoof oil is hydrating but has helped toughen them to reduce cracks and breakage. I am no longer panicking, and my horse’s feet look beautiful again.”

Anna, FarmVet Customer
No Thrush at FarmVet for Thrush Treatment

No Thrush by Four Oaks Farms is prevention and treatment all in one. This DRY all-natural product is no mess, no fuss powder that gets into the deep crevises where thrush bacteria is hiding. 

“This is a great product for treating stubborn thrush. I find it is best for horses prone to getting thrush in between the bulb of the frog or up into the heel in the delicate tissue. When the soft tissue is affected, you don’t want to use the purple stuff as it can burn. No Thrush does not burn, and the dry powder will coat, dry, and treat thrush. For really tough cases, I alternate between white lightening treatment and No Thrush. It works and your horse won’t resent the treatment, because it will not hurt him. Another plus is that you won’t stain the floor, your hands, or your clothes if you get some on ya!”

Suzanne, FarmVet Customer

Make Treatment Simple

If you are picking your horse’s hooves and smell that awful thrush smell, don’t fret! There are a variety of product options to help reduce downtime and get your horse back on track. 

SteriHoof at FarmVet for Thrush Treatment

SteriHoof is an easy spray that should live in your grooming tote. It treats thrush, white line, hoof rot, and other hoof funguses that can cause your horse pain. No burn, no mess, and easily fits in your grooming tote so you’re never without treatment when your horse really needs it most. 

“I thought white line disease was going to keep my halter mare, Jazzy, out of the ring last year. I’d think I had it under control, and then it would flare back up. I started using SteriHoof and, within just a few weeks, Jazzy was sound and back in the ring. I use it 3x a week now and haven’t had a single problem.”

Justin, Director of Merchandising at FarmVet
Thrush Buster at FarmVet for Thrush Treatment

Thrush Buster is a household name for a reason because IT WORKS. Apply once every eight days or when the hoof is no longer purple. As the purple begins to disappear, so will that terrible thrush. It’s so easy to use and not having to apply as often is a plus as well!

“It is hard to deviate from a product that has been around so long and is KNOWN to work. This will kill thrush within a couple of uses! The bottle is straightforward to use and apply, but the liquid does stain, so make sure you use gloves.”

Natalie, FarmVet Customer
Corona Thrush & Shield at FarmVet for Thrush Treatment

Corona Thrush and Shield Spray is a convenient spray-on thrust treatment loved by a ton of our customers. The once-a-day spray doesn’t require gloves and it won’t stain. It is as easy as 1.) Pick their Feet 2.) Spray 3.) Done! Within a few days, you will see a noticeable difference, and your horse will be on its way to beautiful dry feet again. 

“We have been battling thrush at my barn for months. It feels like we have used every product on the market, but as soon as we stopped using them, the thrush returned. Finally, I tried this spray. I use it after every ride and have had no issues since, even if I forget to use it. I will be keeping this in my grooming box. ”

Allen, FarmVet Customer

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