Over the past few years, our dogs have been our constant companions. While we adjusted to working from home they lifted our spirits and gave us much-needed distractions. But as we got into the work-from-home groove we started more easily drowning out our surroundings. This left our pups to sit patiently, waiting on their daily walks and mealtimes. Nina Ottosson makes an amazing variety of puzzles to give your dog that will keep them mentally and physically entertained.

Level Up with Puzzles

Just like humans, dogs have different levels of intelligence that’s why these puzzles have 4 levels of difficulty so you can start easy and level up as your dog masters each puzzle. 

Level 1 puzzles are great for dogs that are naturally curious but are new to puzzles and nose work. They are designed with a series of pegs and covers with holes so your dog can easily sniff out their treats.

Level 1 Dog Puzzle

Level 2 puzzles are designed for dogs who have mastered the beginner puzzle and are ready to add multiple steps to their play pattern. These puzzles are versatile and allow you to increase or reduce difficulty so you can tailor them to your dog’s needs. Tasks include picking up covers, lifting flaps, pressing on levers, tipping, and sliding. 

Level 2 Dog Puzzle

Level 3 puzzles are when you really start to test your dog’s problem-solving skills. Unlike the first two levels, Level 3 requires your dog to take multiple steps to reveal the treat. Once your dog has mastered the first two levels, this will be an exciting new challenge.

Level 3 Dog Puzzle

Level 4 puzzles are for dog geniuses who groove off of the challenges from the previous levels but are ready for an even more difficult job. These puzzles are super challenging and stimulate your dog mentally and physically. 

Level 4 Dog Puzzle

Start Them Early

Puppies are full of energy and creating a fun environment for them can be crucial in their development. Nina Ottosson’s puzzles can be started when your dog is as young as 10 weeks old and can help your puppy develop good habits with food. They are great for training and it’s a good way to introduce positive reinforcement and discipline early on. 

Puppy Puzzle

Not Just For Your Dog

Generally, when you think of puzzles for your pet you tend to assume they are exclusively for dogs, but Nina Ottosson wanted to make sure cats were able to participate in the fun as well. Cats are naturally curious animals, and these puzzles will allow them to sharpen their hunting and foraging instincts. These can be used as an alternative to your regular bowl feeding, or just as a fun afternoon snack.

Cat Puzzle

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