Time to Celebrate!

Whether it’s New Year’s in the dead of winter or July 4th in the middle of summer, one thing doesn’t change – the celebration. But with the parties, bonfires, ball drops, and fireworks, it can be hard to remember that your four-legged friend might not be experiencing as much fun as you. It’s stressful to be worrying about your pet while you’re trying to celebrate with friends and family. We’ve got a few tips to help your pet stay calm through the festivities while giving you some peace of mind.

Feeding Frenzy

While getting in the last unhealthy snacks before the New Year’s diet starts or taking a mid-summer break from your resolutions, you may not notice your dog vacuuming up the fallen crumbs! A few tiny crumbs won’t hurt, but after a night full of cleaning up the floor, those crumbs can really do some damage to your dog’s digestion. Remember that fatty foods easily upset their tummies, and leftover bones from chicken wings are a definite no-no. Bones may seem like a great treat, but they can easily splinter and cause internal harm once swallowed.

Smartmouth Dental Chews for dogs to distract during a party available at FarmVet

Instead, buy some special treats for your pup to keep them distracted while they safely enjoy themselves! Smartmouth Dental Chews are a great option to keep your dog occupied while giving them the benefits of dental and joint health.

Get A Room

Keeping your pet out of the hustle and bustle of your party is the best solution to help them feel safe and calm. For more outgoing dogs, big holiday parties mean the excitement of new friends in their house! The party might seem fun for them at first, but after bouncing around from person to person and lots of loud voices, the scene can quickly get overwhelming. It isn’t easy to know exactly what your pet is feeling, even if they are typically extroverted.

Think about allowing your pet to have their own space in a quiet bedroom. Whether your pet is shy or outgoing, adding extra blankets for them to burrow in will give them a cozy shelter from everything going on outside the room. Be sure to add their favorite stuffed animal for comfort, or an enriching toy for distraction!

Classic Kong dog toy to distract from fireworks available at FarmVet

The Classic Kong is a fan favorite with its indestructible design and hollow inside. Add a Kong Stuffing in your pet’s favorite flavor for an additional treat!

Make Friends With Fireworks

Giving your pet their own space to burrow and keep safe is especially helpful if your neighborhood tops off the celebration with fireworks. Fireworks can be a very upsetting experience for your pet. Animals cannot understand why there are suddenly loud bangs in the air. Cuddling with your pet will help them remember that they are always safe with their humans. They will appreciate the attention and can feel calm knowing you are safe from the loud noises too.

Total Calm and Focus Canine from Ramard for pet calming during fireworks available at Farmvet

If your pet is experiencing too much anxiety to be calmed naturally, consider giving them a calming treat. Options like Ramard’s Total Calm & Focus are a sneaky way to treat your dog while letting them relax. The ingredients help to eliminate anxiety and stress without causing drowsiness.

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Another great way to distract your pup from the fireworks is to keep them busy with a puzzle. This will give them something to focus on, rather than the loud noises, and will provide reassurance with treats too! Read more about the benefits of puzzles for your pet here.

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